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Some readers might remember the story of Bernie Goetz, New York’s famous “Subway Vigilante,” who shot 4 young men who tried to rob him on the subway.  Goetz was reported to have shot one of the young men a second time, saying to him, “you don’t look so bad, here’s another.”

I”m bringing up this story because I think that’s a perfect way to describe the way that the medical profession, allopathic medicine anyway, approaches the treatment of diabetes.  Now you might think that this is more than a little harsh, and it certainly is, but this is how outrageous this treatment is, and they shot us once, and we don’t look so bad, so they shoot us again.

The first shot relates to what we’ve been talking about lately, which is the heinous disregard for our disease and condition when it comes to prescribing dietary recommendations.  It’s not even that you need to know very much about what is really going on with us, in other words the fact that we suffer from excess insulin and they prescribe a diet that keeps it too high, the kind of diet that precipitated our disease in the first place, this diet tends to directly increase our blood sugar to unhealthy levels, which is something that even a child could figure out.

Given the fact that they are so obsessed with blood sugar with us, to the point of ignoring everything else that might be going on, even when this excessive concern with blood sugar ends up causing us to get worse and worse year after year, well you would think that paying attention to what we eat and how that affects our blood sugar would matter.

Sadly though, it doesn’t really, and we’re told to eat a diet that isn’t even tailored to diabetes much at all, sure they will say cut down on the sweets and don’t go too crazy with the starches but that’s about it.  Diet really isn’t used as a tool though, their idea of what we should be eating trumps any real concerns about our disease actually, and the goal isn’t even to reduce blood sugar or control it, it’s to eat things that promote their idea of how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

This kind of diet, ironically enough, promotes cardiovascular disease, but that’s another issue, but more relevant to us, it promotes diabetes as well.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the goal is to control blood sugar and the stuff that you eat doesn’t control it, that’s not such a great idea.

However, we’re told to eat this diet we’re given, which by the way is the same for all of us, and if that isn’t sufficient to provide good control, and there’s no reason to suspect it ever would be, then we’re told that they have medications we can take.

There’s no doubt about that, and the goal here seems to be to medicate people as much as possible, which is the case with their treatment of everything actually.  They even want to give us stuff as a preventative so to speak, cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds, kidney meds, even without a hint of underlying conditions which these are supposed to be prescribed for, just in case.

So the idea is that we are going to be going downhill more and more and we will need this stuff sooner or later, so why not now?  If we listen to them though that’s probably going to come true.

So the diet ends up keeping our insulin levels too high, making sure we get sicker and sicker, and now they give us meds which often times will elevate our insulin levels even more, progressing our disease even faster.  You don’t look so bad, here’s another, bam!

They actually keep shooting you though, since this stuff worsens diabetes over time, by several mechanisms, making us fatter, making our organs fatter, poisoning us even more with too much glucose and too much fat in our cells, raising our cortisol levels even more, raising our glucagon levels even more, downregulating things like thyroid hormones even more, interfering with key enzymes that regulate blood sugar even more, creating more leptin resistance, and on and on, so we will need more and more and more of this stuff, and that’s exactly what happens.

Each individual therapy to control blood sugar with medications has been shown to fail over an average of two years, meaning that they give you something new, or up your meds or insulin, and in two years your blood sugar will be back to where it was in spite of the medication, and you will need more to achieve the same level of control.

So expect to get shot a lot, and each time you’ll be further and further away from being well.  Going back to the diet, this is actually where the whole cascade starts, and if people ate the right diet, this progression would be slowed dramatically, and there are people who have been on insulin for many years whose diabetes hasn’t gotten much worse at all, eating a diet that suits their disease.

The main reason behind that is that when you consume too many carbs, not only does the carbs increase insulin and drive this too high, you also need a higher amount to metabolize all of this, and when you throw in insulin resistance, which is worsened by high insulin, it’s not hard to see how we can really accelerate the progression of our disease when we eat the wrong diet.

The only sensible way to approach this is to eat to your diabetes, eat what you can handle, not what is on some sheet based upon ignorance and stupidity, or perhaps a lot of ingenuity, if the goal is to sell more meds, and in any event, that’s exactly what it accomplishes, and does so very effectively indeed.

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