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why this all matters






Diabetes is pretty unique actually, as there is probably no other disease that requires our active participation as much as diabetes does.  This is true of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, in addition to any and all of the other variations of diabetes mellitus that there are out there.

There is the fairly superficial side of our involvement, which in our case would be taking our medications and injections as prescribed, testing our blood sugar appropriately enough, tailoring our diet to suit our condition to some degree at least, and so on.

Even within these seemingly simple tasks, there is quite a bit of variation in approaches that you can take, and in order to manage this well you do need a good understanding of what's going on and the potential effect that all of these have on your management.

In the end though, every aspect of our disease management is ultimately under our control, even when that includes not taking the time to learn about our disease and giving the process over to others completely, which you will see as you explore this site further, is not always the best approach to say the least.

Knowledge is power though, and often times people are curious enough to study up on whatever disease they have, and sometimes this knowledge is just for curiosity's sake, although it certainly is a good idea to study up on whatever condition you may have.

With diabetes though, as you will see in the upcoming articles, the degree and quality of one's involvement in managing one's own diabetes is extremely important.  So we all need at least a good working practical knowledge of the disease, and that's exactly what I will be providing for you.

There is a fair bit that we don't know about this disease, but there's also a fair bit that we do know, and when we do have to make guesses at things, we do need to make sure that our guesses are educated, and as educated as we can make them.

There is also a fair bit of controversy surrounding both the disease itself and its proper management, a lot of controversy actually, but ultimately it is ourselves that choose what to believe.  Some of the topics I will discuss are certainly not without controversy, and I don't expect people to always agree with my views, but by my sharing them it will at least provide people with my point of view which they can investigate further if they wish, and ultimately come to their own conclusions.

Sites like this are for information purposes only of course, and while I am not particularly fond of the way conventional medicine approaches diabetes, I do want to point out that the information and opinions on this site do not constitute medical advice, and people bear full responsibility for their own health and their own choices.

That's really what it all comes down to, we take general information that we learn and then seek to apply it to our own personal situation, no one on the internet can do that for you, no one can really do it for you period, you are always the one deciding what to do.

I am seeking to arrange the articles section in a way that makes sense as far as people reading them one after another, but feel free to read them in whatever order you wish, although reading them in order is probably preferable, as they will be to some degree building on what has already been discussed in previous articles.

I'm pretty excited about this site and putting together the things I've learned about diabetes and my particular insights about it in one place.  I hope you enjoy the content and I especially hope that this will cause you to think about diabetes more. 

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