Why Do Medical Authorities Discourage Testing?

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Blood sugar testing is very important to manage diabetes properly, at least as far as our managing it to some degree or other ourselves is concerned.  While we may rely on A1C blood tests to give us a longer term view of how we’re doing, we can’t make or monitor adjustments properly based upon a test that we do every few months at best, so we need to check our blood sugar regularly, and a blood glucose meter is the only way to do that.

Many people complain though that their medical practitioners, whether that be medical doctors, nurses, or whatever, discourage them from testing very often, and often will even scold patients for testing more than once a day for instance.

They also may use the tactic of only prescribing a certain amount of strips, and if you are relying on your medical insurance to cover this and aren’t paying out of your own pocket, a prescription for strips is generally needed.  So you’re now stuck having to choose between testing too infrequently as prescribed or buying additional strips or maybe even all your strips.

Your health is too important to leave this up to them though, and some people think, well if they only want me to test once a day perhaps that’s really what I should be doing, but let me assure you this is not the case.

Infrequent testing may be sufficient for some physicians though, the ones that only look at things like A1C and maybe if you’re lucky ask you how your fasting readings are, but they may not even care about that.

So if they don’t care about other readings, well it’s all about them really, their beliefs and their needs, so they probably aren’t going to care about this, generally anyway.

Now there are some doctors who do encourage testing, so I don’t want you to think they are all like that, but a lot are, certainly.  You can also see this attitude with nurses, diabetic educators, or what have you, because this is a pretty common view in the medical community in general, don’t test too often.

Even if you are paying for your own strips and don’t get their help in obtaining them, they will often still discourage you, to an extent which is very eye opening for sure.  Why should they care if you want to spend your own money on this stuff?  It’s not that there is any potential harm in this, or is there?

Well the main reason why we test frequently is to get a better idea of how our day to day activities, what we eat, our medications and supplements, our exercise, our stress levels, and so on, affect our blood sugar.

I don’t think we should be blaming these medical workers too much though, I honestly don’t think they’ve thought about this too much, they do tend to be programmed though by prevailing attitudes in their professions, and probably most often just adopt them without thinking about them very much.

I’d like to see the outcome of people challenging these orders though, as in, why not?  Well you might hear it’s a waste of money, but you then could say well this is good information to have, and I need to know what to do.

At that point you might discover what the real problem is, and guess what, they don’t want you interfering with managing this yourself.  They don’t even want you paying attention to how certain foods affect you, they just suggest a general diet which by the way doesn’t really account for the fact you are a diabetic, and you’re not even supposed to worry about how high this diet puts you.

This doesn’t matter because there is medication for that, and when you look at the whole picture from a high level you can see that this whole thing has been put together to maximize pharmaceutical sales, and pretty shrewdly in fact, because so many of us get duped.

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