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welcome to the site

Welcome to the site!  In addition to the article section, I wanted to devote a separate section so I can post some discussion in a less organized format.  So there will probably be a lot of jumping around from topic to topic on here but that's OK because that's what this part of the site is for.  

Before I start doing that though I want to talk a little about the articles section.  I plan on covering a great deal of material on there, from the very basics to some fairly complex topics.  I will probably organize them into categories eventually, but I want to get enough written so I can actually do that.

So while I plan on having the articles follow a logical progression of sorts, which I feel will be of particular benefit to newer diabetics and those who may not be familiar with my writing and my ideas, the blog will be more of a free for all, coming up with topics more on the fly, but the overall mission of providing information that is designed to be thought provocative will still be central.

Further down the road, once I've written a lot of articles, and I definitely am planning on a lot, that will serve more as a reference for the site and the focus will then be much more on the blog, if not entirely.  In the mean time though I'll be probably spending most of my efforts on the articles because they are the foundation of the site and I need the foundation built first.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope that you will check back regularly.  I'm shooting for a very comprehensive site here, as you will see as it evolves, and I'm excited to have a site where I can put together a collection of my ideas on diabetes.  I hope you enjoy the site.

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