Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Secretion


There are countless articles, and many of them which are pretty scientific, that state that beta cell dysfunction is a major problem in the progression and management of type 2 diabetes.  This is actually pretty amazing because so called beta cell dysfunction really only becomes an issue with a small percentage of type 2 diabetics, and then only in the very late stages of the disease.

This is one of the offshoots of the fundamental misunderstanding of type 2 diabetes that is out there.  It’s not that everyone misunderstands it, there are some who get the fact that the disease itself isn’t high blood sugar, but just about everyone is confused about this, just about all patients, just about all doctors, so called diabetes educators, even a lot of scientists.

To understand type 2 diabetes, all it takes is having a look at the disease and applying a bit of thought to this.  It’s actually pretty obvious, and it’s also obvious that beta cell dysfunction does not play a significant role here at all, in fact this mechanism is a protective one.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine claim to have discovered a hormone, the hormone they say, that helps downregulate insulin secretion in type 2 diabetics, and the idea here presumably is that if we can regulate this hormone we can in theory prevent or lessen this downregulation of insulin secretion.

This is supposed to help us, although they don’t explain how.  This is because they haven’t considered the how here.  Everyone knows that type 2 diabetics experience a downregulation in insulin secretion, right?  No need to even think about this, right?

Sure enough, they predict that we’ll eventually work on a drug that will mess around with this hormone, which they call K1, which they have found to suppress insulin secretion in type 2 diabetics.  They put this hormone right up with insulin and glucagon as their three major hormones involved in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.

Of course if they wanted to suppress hormones, there’s lots to do already with figuring out how to suppress these other two, which are characteristically very high in the presentation of type 2 diabetes.  However, they aren’t very good at suppressing hormones, and the drug companies’ specialty is figuring out how to grossly elevate them, as they do with insulin.

Nobody really works on glucagon though, we haven’t come up with a drug that will control this yet without killing an unacceptable number of people, although the bar is set pretty high here and they happily see many people die at their hands, which is fine as long as too many lawsuits don’t emerge with a particular drug, then things can get too expensive and profit margins can become lost and they can even lose money on it overall.

At least there’s some people that get that glucagon is too high and that we need to reduce its levels, and although we can manipulate it with rodents in the lab, there are safety issues with doing the same thing with humans, even with the lack of proper regard to safety that drug companies and drug regulators tolerate.

Few people get that we need to suppress or lower insulin levels though and this is the real weird part, because you would think they would understand this.  K1 on the other hand is said to do this, to suppress excess insulin, which is exactly what we want and need.

They are hoping to suppress K1 though which will increase insulin levels further, which is not what we want, and if we really want to increase insulin, as we generally do, then we already have a class of meds that does that very effectively already, the oral insulin secretagogues, so I’ve no idea why anyone would want to come up with a drug that inhibits K1 anyway.

Oral secretagogues typically keep our insulin levels 10 to 20 times higher than what is understood as healthy by the way, and if you want even higher levels you can just take more, and when more isn’t enough you can inject some more as well, and they let you inject quite a bit more insulin if you’re a type 2 than a type 1 by the way, and much more is often “needed.”

Now let’s take a step back and think a little about what type 2 diabetes really is.  It’s not high blood sugar, that’s just a symptom, and high blood sugar doesn’t happen randomly, it’s caused by something, and this is the disease.  We call this diabetes and in this case type 2 diabetes.

People do think high blood sugar of a certain degree and type 2 diabetes are the same thing, but this is obviously incorrect and pretty stupid actually.

It is widely accepted that the disease is preceded by high insulin levels and high insulin resistance.  This goes on for a time and then for many of us, our glucose regulatory systems break down.  It’s no secret why this happens and we can simply call it increased insulin resistance over time, where insulin simply becomes more and more ineffective at controlling our blood sugar.

We typically don’t stop and consider why we have become more and more resistant to insulin, although it’s pretty easy to figure out, there’s actually only one reason why we resist a hormone, and that’s when its levels are excessive.  Our insulin levels are excessive.  We have insulin resistance.  This isn’t rocket science.

The pancreas puts out two major hormones, the two mentioned in this article from Johns Hopkins, insulin and glucagon, and it’s comforting to know that they are aware of both, because not everyone considers both.  There’s a third major one though, amylin, just to be correct, but it’s enough just to look at the other two for our purposes here.

So in the presentation of type 2 diabetes, we have the trio of high blood sugar, high glucagon levels, and high insulin levels.  It is the chronic elevation of both these hormones that does us in and cause the high blood sugar, among other things.  There is no doubt at all about this.

Somehow we often miss the fact that insulin is elevated here and think that we need to elevate it even more, to try to control blood sugar, and don’t get the fact that our levels are already dangerously high, and have been so for far too long, and we have an excess of insulin here, not a deficiency.

We also know very well what chronically high insulin levels do to us over time, with just one of the effects being chronically high blood sugar, diabetes in other words.  High insulin both causes diabetes and worsens it, and we know this without any doubt whatsoever.

So they measure our insulin secretion and find that over time it does decline in a lot of type 2 diabetics, but this is mostly just assumed, and when we do look at this directly, like this particular study did, we see that about half the time it goes down somewhat and about half the time it stays the same or even goes up.

We also see that when it does go down, this is associated with lower blood sugar, by means of lower A1C values.  The opposite is clearly true as well, higher insulin correlates with higher blood sugar over time, and there’s a mountain of evidence supporting that, and in fact this has to happen because higher insulin is at the root of type 2 diabetes.

So what they need to be doing here, if anything, is to look to synthesize this K1 hormone so we can use it to lower our insulin secretion, because that’s what we need, it is almost always too high now, the last thing we need it is to go higher, and do need it to go lower, more in the direction of healthy levels.

Thank heaven for K1 actually as our poor tired bodies need to be poisoned less from the toxic insulin levels we are already exposed to naturally, not to mention the idiot medical profession wanting to increase them further.

If they ever come up with a way to decrease K1, you can bet that they will, as they will no doubt be able to show that this would decrease blood sugar over a few months to show up in A1C tests, and then their medicine show is off to the races, with no regard whatsoever to these drugs clearly worsening our disease.  That’s even better though as that means that we can be counted on to need more and more help from them as we deteriorate further at their hands.

It’s hard to say to what degree this is due to conspiring against us and what degree just sheer stupidity may play in this, it’s likely some combination of the two, and mostly stupidity I would say, but neither is acceptable.

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