Too Much Glucose In The Blood Maybe?

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There are a lot of articles on type 2 diabetes on the internet that basically end up saying pretty much the same thing about what is going on with our blood sugar when we have this disease.  So I thought I'd pick one for you to look at, if you aren't familiar with this story especially, and I'll go over it for you to see if it makes sense.

So this one is from a weight loss site, and it's as good as any really so let's have a look at what they have to say.  They start out by telling us that over 85% of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight.

This part is well known and if you have a site that deals with weight loss it's good to speak of diabetes because the two go hand in hand, not all diabetics are overweight and not all overweight people are diabetics, but as you can see, most diabetics are overweight, and the percentage of overweight people who have diabetes is way higher than people of normal weight.

That part does stand out and we do know that excess insulin causes both actually, and you generally tend to get obese first and then this gets bad enough that it starts affecting your blood sugar by all the insulin resistance it causes.

So we do know this is all the case, we also know that type 2 diabetes is way more complicated than this, but what we do know is that with obese people, more fuel is provided to our cells, not less.

If we got less fuel, we'd actually lose weight, and this is why people generally don't look to eat more and especially don't look to eat more carbs to lose weight, they instead try to eat less.  How well this works is going to depend on a few things though, it's not anywhere as simple as just eating less food, less calories, and even less carbs, although carbs do matter the most, and that's because carbs not only provide the fuel, they also have us secreting the most insulin to end up storing the stuff.

So then the article goes off talking about how type 2 diabetics have cells starving for glucose, because there's extra in the blood.  Without really thinking about this too much, we could say that this might make sense, there is extra glucose there, maybe it's supposed to be in the cells.

However, there is another reason why there is too much glucose in the blood, that involves there just being too much glucose in the blood, the cells are full and they don't want any more.  So too much was just put in there.

This second idea makes a lot of sense, but very surprisingly, you don't see it out there.  No one even seems to think of this.  I've read a huge amount on diabetes, and I've never seen it, nor have other people who have also read a lot on it.

That's pretty amazing actually, because this is really just common sense, that this might be the case at least.  So this idea is attributed to me, I don't think I deserve all that much credit because this is something that should be pretty obvious, yet it isn't.

So which is right, is it the case that we know our cells are starving or even underfed with glucose if our blood sugar is high, or might it be, in at least some cases, that they are well fed and even overfed and they are resisting being overfed even more?

There are several good reasons to think that our cells are getting plenty of glucose actually, not just that, but too much.  First of all, we know how insulin works, it drives nutrients into cells, and causes people to be obese, and the more successful it is in doing this the more overweight you become.

So once again, if your cells were starving, this means that they aren't getting enough, but once again this would mean you would be thin, not fat.

You also hear that in type 2's, insulin isn't working as well as it should.  Well when you put on weight, insulin is working great actually., because it is facilitating that.  It's actually pretty funny for someone to say an overweight person's insulin isn't effective, that's actually not even possible.

We also know that diabetics suffer complications, damage, from too much glucose.  The only way that's possible though is to have too much glucose being put into cells.  If we got less glucose in them, we'd be at a much lower risk of getting these complications actually.

So why do people think that they are starving?  Well there are some cases when they do, when one's insulin is low, and this causes weight loss actually, and that only makes sense because now we have not enough glucose being driven into cells and both the cells and the body starves.

Generally though, that's not the case with type 2 diabetics though.  People think that because there is too much glucose in the blood, the cells just aren't getting enough, but the part that they are not thinking about is that we may simply have too much glucose put into our blood.

If you see someone who finished their meal at a buffet with food on their plate, you don't assume that they are hungry just because they didn't clean it, they may actually have eaten several plates and stuffed themselves to the gills already.

So how come some people can eat a plate of something and have normal blood sugar while a diabetic can eat the same meal and be high?  Well this is where people get confused, your blood sugar isn't just about what you ate, that's just one source of blood glucose, and our internal regulatory mechanisms, can produce more glucose even at mealtime than you could even manage by eating.

So we're not starving for glucose, we're swimming in it.


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