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I got a visit from an old friend recently that I haven't seen in quite a while and we got to talking about health matters.  He had been going through some health issues, was diagnosed with Parkinson's actually, and I mentioned that I had diabetes now, or had discovered I had it, and probably had it for decades actually without knowing it.

So he asked me, "are you on insulin"?  This question comes up just about all the time when I tell people I have diabetes, this is what people tend to associate with diabetes, medication, and insulin in particular.

Some will even ask, are you on insulin yet, as if this were inevitable.  I suppose in most cases it is though come to think of it.

So I look at him strangely, and say, "well no, I'm a type 2."  So he's looking at me strangely now as well, and I know that he shares the widely held but very mistaken belief that type 2 diabetics need insulin therapy as well.  "You must be thinking about type 1's.  They are the ones with the deficiency of insulin.  Type 2's have the opposite, an excess of insulin.  Giving us more insulin is poison to us."

That summed it up pretty well but I knew I'd have to explain, because I know he is thinking that MDs, the people that prescribe insulin to us, have some sort of good knowledge of the matter, or have any sort of good knowledge about anything related to diabetes, or anything else for that matter.

So I got to look to debunk some of these widely held myths, and diabetes is a perfect topic to do that with actually, although there isn't a single piece of advice that these folks will be giving you that isn't blatantly wrong and in most cases very harmful to your health.

I've made several references to these sad facts throughout the site but even though I have ranted about this a lot on this site, I don't think you can rant enough when you see so many people suffer so much at their hands.

It's not that they are evil, in fact this is all done pretty unwittingly at the practitioner level I feel, they are like members of a cult who have been brainwashed completely and are just blindly and unquestionably following the orders of the cult leaders, who in this case are the companies who run this show.

Giving insulin to a type 2 diabetic is ridiculous though, but only if you have a basic understanding of what is wrong with us, and sadly they do not.  They are not taught this, nor are they taught anything about diabetes actually, even things as basic as you need to watch what you eat to try to manage your blood sugar, as incredulous of an omission as that is.

Fortunately, a few of them have been able to get a grip on their faculties enough to start questioning the way that medical practice operates, and from just asking questions, some truths have emerged, and it's a real ugly picture actually once you start to see it.

For the most part though, big medicine still rules the roost with an iron fist, fascist medicine I should call it, and I don't feel that this is too strong of a word.  If you do, well perhaps once you've taken a good hard look at the way these people operate, you will get it.

It wasn't until the industrialization of medicine about a hundred years ago that things really hit the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Up until then, doctors may not have been all that competent, using the allopathic method primarily, treating symptoms not illness in other words, which is a very poor and harmful approach actually, but they weren't part of any sort of evil empire yet.  Other views were tolerated, and while generally mistaken, they meant well.

Then the industrialists stepped in and seized power in a coup, and started getting laws passed that required medical schools to teach their curriculum exclusively, the curriculum of selling their patent medicines exclusively.  Other approaches were discredited, other medical colleges were put out of business, and they quickly created an evil monopoly, where medical sales were the goal, and health was thrown under the bus completely.

In fact, as it turned out, it was more profitable to promote disease than to look to treat it, and not that these medicines were effective in treating anything anyway, and just prolonged disease as creating new ones, but that wasn't enough.  So advice was fashioned to best insure that people were made and kept as sick as possible, advice that remains popular and widely accepted today.

Anything not following their protocols, in other words not selling their poisons, was discredited, and their minions, their carefully indoctrinated doctors, were put forth as the only genuine and valid source of health related advice, and if they had no expertise on something, like alternative health practices or nutrition, well no matter, they were still the experts, and we are expected to ask our MD about anything health related, regardless.

That is both hilarious and very sad actually.  The people themselves became indoctrinated as well, and through the media, they were sold on this idea lock stock and barrel.

Not everyone bought into the sham though, and some actually saw through it, and all you needed to do in order to see through it is just to look at the science.  They claim their view is based upon science, but it is not, unless bad science counts, but it really can't.  So they call themselves evidence based medicine in spite of the evidence showing that they are very harmful to your health overall, and there's no good reason to suspect otherwise.

When I tell people that my goal in treating my diabetes is not to treat my blood sugar, they get very confused, but this is a simpleton approach, and the one that the medical mafia uses.  This causes us to neglect the underlying factors of a disease in order to manage the symptoms, and given that the symptoms are the body's attempt to re-establish homeostasis, this is a very bad idea indeed and only results in a worsening of the condition, intentionally.

So I suffer from the disease of an excess of insulin and that's beyond question, they want to say that I don't have enough, here's some more, like I am stupid or something.  You could ask them to measure your insulin levels prior to treatment and if it is low, bring it up to normal levels and no more, they aren't interested in that though, they just want to poison us with it, with reckless abandon.

I'm not interested in their medications either, which just create even more imbalances, often with insulin but with other hormones as well, I'm trying to get well here, not become more sick and have new problems to deal with.

People are free to do what they want of course and this is just my view, but people would be well served to dare to think about things and not believe they are incapable of thinking for themselves, which is exactly what the evil empire wants.

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