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One of my favorite blogs is Dr. David Brownstein’s, who is a medical doctor that ended up seeing the light and has been practicing holistic medicine for a number of years now.  Dr. Brownstein is one of the world’s leading experts on iodine, at least as far as practitioners go, and he’s the go to guy in natural health summits when it comes to the proper use of this mineral.

Dr. Brownstein is knowledgeable in a great many areas relating to medical practice, and another area he really shines in is the use and effect of another mineral, sodium, better known as salt.

Jut like with everything else related to health, the conventional view has this totally messed up, and as always, following their advice ends up being hazardous to your health, but that’s the grand plan here it seems, because that increases profits to the so called heath care industry.

Some may say that this sounds pretty far out there, like some sort of wacky conspiracy theory, but when they fly in the face of science and knowledge and remain firm in their positions in spite of no good evidence for it and lots of evidence against it, it becomes difficult to pass this all off as just stupidity.

The companies that are behind all of this education though are ones that do benefit from illness, so things that do promote health become strongly resisted, and this resistance has a lot of money behind it so it is very effective.

There are countless examples of this but today we’ll just look at the notion that salt restriction is healthy.  I spoke about this in an earlier article featuring a video by Dr. Jason Fung, another medical doctor who is not fooled, but they are few and far between, especially with MDs who are indoctrinated with the so called standard views so effectively that it takes a lot for them to wake up.

You wouldn’t think this would be the case though, you would think that more would question things when they see evidence that salt restriction causes both more heart disease and more deaths from heart disease, but doctors spend their time practicing, and very little looking at the science, and what science they do look at is spoon fed to them by big medicine.

Not everyone is unaware, and we sometimes will see those who are supposed to be in power look at evidence like this and say that we need to get a new perspective on this, that outcomes do matter, and reducing people’s blood pressure by a few points but seeing significantly more die, or seeing things like the least mortality among those who consume the greatest amounts of sodium, but in the end all this is still ignored.

The blood pressure medication industry is a huge one, and the biggest role that sodium restriction plays here is probably not even the fact that this makes more money for the cardiology industry, promoting further deficiency of this mineral and providing opportunities to sell a lot more medications and perform a lot more insanely expensive procedures.  Rather, it keeps the focus on blood pressure and not on the consequences of the treatments, of lowering it, and all people worry about here is lowering blood pressure.

If we start asking such questions, then maybe we’ll expose even more of the things that go on when we just focus on blood pressure, like the fact that these medications cause strokes.  This only makes sense actually, because the body desires its blood pressure to be a certain level for it to get enough oxygen, and while you can lower the need for these higher levels, the meds ignore the underlying conditions and instead lower it artificially, causing various degrees of oxygen deprivation.  It causes this to such a degree in some cases that patients will even be precipitated to having strokes.

No worries there though, really, as so few people even think about things like this that.  The mob has been sufficiently brainwashed, and just about everyone knows that sodium is unhealthy, and salt restriction is healthy, and this is known at a level that is virtually unquestionable.

This is a diabetes blog of course, so you may wonder what this has to do with diabetes, but we’re already at higher risk of heart disease and mortality from it due to our diabetes, although few people indeed know that it’s our higher than normal insulin levels that do us in, and higher than normal levels affect anyone this way, with our without the higher blood sugar.

The last thing we need, given that hyperinsulinemia, high insulin, is pretty much totally neglected in treating diabetes, and actually we work hard to make this condition worse through raising our insulin levels even more in excess, is something to make us even more likely to die.  This is exactly what happens when we restrict sodium, and it’s been well proven.

Dr. Brownstein is perhaps the leading spokesman for exposing all of this, and has written a book entitled Salt Your Way To Health, which is a title that should shake a few people up.  It turns out that most people are sodium deficient, and cutting down on salt makes this worse of course, leading to even more hormonal disruption.  In particular, a couple of hormones secreted by the adrenal glands become elevated by restricting salt, and this makes it more likely, not less likely, that you will see an early grave.

So in this particular article on his blog he discusses this phenomenon, which should be shocking to most people who probably haven’t heard of the fact that salt restriction leads to increased hospitalization, increased disease, and increased death.

I’ve actually never considered restricting salt, even though my blood pressure was a little high at one time, because we’ve known for years that this doesn’t even reduce blood pressure meaningfully in almost all cases, and I’ve never been one to deprive myself of some of the pleasures of life for nothing.

Now that I have diabetes, or rather, now that I know I have diabetes, because I probably had it for many years without knowing, because we don’t really screen for it very well, we are told that we especially need to cut down on salt.  I remember a time when they just preached that to people with high blood pressure.  Now we tell that to everyone, that a low sodium diet is the healthy choice.

My blood pressure is fantastic now by the way in spite of my consuming a high salt diet, all I want.  The real cause of high blood pressure is actually high insulin, and I went from borderline high to perfect just by treating my type 2 diabetes.  It’s so easy to treat high blood pressure, you just cut down on carbs, and when I first cut out the carbs my blood pressure actually went too low for a time, and I had some real symptoms.  That went away when I increased the carbs a bit, carb reduction is almost magical for blood pressure actually, although very, very few people know this.

Of course they don’t want you to know that, so the industry tries its best to scare people away from lower carb diets, or diets that aren’t dangerously high in carbs actually, our bodies are not designed to handle the diets people eat today, or even the diets that medical practitioners prescribe.  If they can keep the carbs up then the money will keep flowing, and they’ve been fantastically successful.

Thanks to Dr. Brownstein, I now consume Real Salt, and he spends a lot of time in his book and his talks promoting the benefits of real salt over commercial salt.  It tastes a whole lot better as well and has all the natural minerals in there that have been processed out of normal table salt.

We already need to deprive ourselves as far as our diet goes, but the things we are told to deprive ourselves of, salt and fat, are not the ones that need to go, and cutting down on either leads to worse outcomes.

Keep up the great work, Dr. Brownstein.

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