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As you will see from this post, these posts truly are a collection of random thoughts about diabetes, and while I'm looking to follow a structure with the articles, this is where I can be structureless and just put up whatever happens to come to mind at the moment.

So I saw a comment directed at me today which really got me thinking about how much we play follow the leader when it comes to managing our diabetes.  Some may follow their doctors as their leader, taking whatever medicine that is prescribed and putting all their faith in their expertise and wisdom.

As you will see, I'm not a big fan of people doing that, to say the least.  However other people may say, well this leader doesn't have all the answers, let's just find another leader, another guru, another approach, to perhaps go along with this other leadership or maybe to just cast it off and find a better way.

So these leaders or these ways of living or whatever are going to differ in terms of the quality of the advice or the direction they provide, and some of them may have some good points and some good advice, as they will have their shortcomings as well.

No matter how good a certain way of approaching diabetes is, we do not want to let our thinking get locked into a certain pattern, lest this start to become too dogmatic, almost like a religion.

There is simply too much at stake here for us to let this happen, yet it happens all the time.  So called conventional medicine is perhaps the worst example of this, with their narrow minded point of view, mostly centered on dispensing patent medicines, where anything that does not fit well enough into its view is simply discredited, regardless of merit, because this is not about merit it's about preserving the belief system behind the approach.

So the same thing tends to happen with other approaches, to the extent that it is a clearly defined approach, even things like let's take the natural approach to this, because even though this might be best in a lot of cases, it won't be in all cases, and we don't want fire and brimstone ever getting in the way of things like practical value or even the truth.

So the comment I got today boiled down to, well if you don't believe in doing everything you can to achieve normal blood sugar than what is there left to tell anyone?  What sort of direction could you possibly be giving if you don't believe wholeheartedly in always medicating people down to normal or putting them on extreme low carb?  What else is there?

So I do feel medication has its place, and dietary restrictions have their place, they each have their leaders but I don't blindly follow any of them and don't encourage anyone else to as well.  The religion I'm looking for is much more broad, the best of all of them, only the parts that make sense, and maybe some new beliefs thrown in for good measure when it seems appropriate to do so.

So you won't see me preaching conventional medicine here, or preaching low carb, or preaching anything, I don't like to preach at all, and I certainly don't like being preached to.  I do have my ideas and I lay them out and people may take what they will from it, which is the only way it makes sense.

So we all need to be our own leaders, we can learn from others but we need to be clear about who is actually behind the wheel, or at least, who should be.

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