There Is No Evidence, Because We Haven’t Looked

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I tend to read a lot of what you could call non mainstream material when it comes to health, and generally don't bother much with the mainstream stuff unless I'm just looking for an idea of how they seek to influence people's beliefs, for a laugh mostly, although it's not really that funny.

One of the things you run into all the time is that anyone without an MD is a quack, and even MDs who don't follow the party line are of course quacks.  Anyone who disagrees with them is a quack actually, and this would be a hilarious approach if not for the fact that so many people believe them, most people these days.

So anything that the conventional medical empire uses is based upon science, evidence based medicine, and the rest of the stuff is simply not scientific, or evidence based, it is quackery, a medicine show that you need to steer well clear of.

Now we certainly need to be using evidence to decide this, but when it comes to what the real evidence is between different approaches, well the fact that the evidence actually comes in on the side of the quacks doesn't bother them.

There is a lot of pretending going on here, they pretend that they have good evidence, and they pretend that other approaches, natural ones in particular, do not have any evidence.

One of the key strategies is to look for a particular marker which is being influenced, let's take high blood pressure as an example, although everything proceeds this way, let's say that they tell you that if you cut down on salt it will improve your blood pressure.

So they say they have evidence that cutting down on salt produces this effect, they don't tell you that the difference is a meaningless amount, a couple of points on average, nothing that would be reasonable at all to even dream that this would make any sort of difference health wise.

They also don't tell you that some of these studies have been ridiculously designed, and you often have to look hard and usually have some knowledge of what a good study looks like to tell, although not very much, for instance a study that may look at a country that eats little salt and they also may not have much heart disease, and then make the leap that it's the lower salt that is the reason.

In any case, there is very strong evidence that reducing salt intake can lower blood pressure by a meaningless amount, there you have it, so everyone now is supposed to go on a low salt diet, even if your blood pressure is normal.

However, we may rightly ask, what happens to people on low salt diets, are they more or less likely to die from heart disease?  Well the answer is, they are more likely to die on a low salt diet, and we know exactly how this happens.

They missed that part though, or ignored it, and even though the science now has determined that there is actually an inverse relationship between salt intake and CVD mortality, no one cares, that's not part of their plan, and low salt diets continue to be advised.

Another thing they miss here is that it's been found that most people have a sodium deficiency, and cutting down on it just makes this worse, but that does benefit them because the sicker people get, the more money they make.

Conventional medicine loves deficiencies and they will do everything they can to keep people deficient in critical nutrients.  Sometimes though they have no choice and will actually look to correct one temporarily.  They don't want you to die, because they no longer make money from dead people, if they can keep you alive and sick, that's perfect, they can just shear their sheep on an ongoing basis and extract the maximum amount of wool.

My wife's aunt was recently hospitalized in a critical state, and she's had clear symptoms of a magnesium deficiency among other things, very likely a potassium deficiency as well, and most people are deficient in these things, but she blindly follows her doctor who tells her that we should never supplement and there's no need to even test for these things.

So she ends up close to death, and they finally decide to do an electrolyte panel, and her magnesium is found to be critically low, as well as her potassium.  So they give her some, enough to stave off death for now, but that was it.  A one time correction of this deficiency to presumably last for all time.

So after bringing up her levels at least somewhat, the matter then became totally neglected.  She hasn't been given any more, nor told to take any, and they expect that this is like a healing from the touch of Jesus or something and that it will never come back.  She's still in the hospital by the way, 3 months later, still trying to recover enough from the damage this has caused, still not getting an adequate amount of these electrolytes, and you don't get them from diet anyway, especially being elderly and not able to eat much food.

So she tells us that these things aren't being monitored, whatever caused this must have been a freak event because no one gets electrolyte deficiencies unless they are taking certain medications, there's no evidence of that, thinking these things happen is quackery, thinking you need to take supplements is quackery, everyone gets what they need from their diet, we all know that.

People who have actually looked at this stuff with a trained eye though are appalled, the way conventional medicine approaches this should be criminal, but they define malpractice as deviating from normal practice, but normal practice is in itself gross malpractice.

If her aunt ever gets out of the hospital, and she may soon, well she'll be right back there again at some point and this time she may not make it.  She's been brainwashed enough though to willingly give her life to the cause, and there's nothing anyone can do.

There's no evidence though, allegedly, that one needs to pay attention to levels of nutrients, or that supplements do anything but harm, in spite of the mountain of scientific evidence we have to the contrary.  It may seem hard to look away from a mountain, but if you pretend it's not there, and you can continue to fool the people, that works very well indeed.


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