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One of the reasons why the standard diabetic diet prescribed by the American Diabetes Association is so unhealthy for diabetics is that it is based to a large degree, to an overwhelming degree actually, on myths about saturated fat and fat in general, a view that is also strongly held by the conventional medical community.

They believe that eating fat, and especially saturated fat, increases your risk for heart disease.  However, this has never been confirmed by science, and in fact it resulted from a very bad guess on their part.

There are many good articles on the internet on this subject, and even mainstream sites like Web MD have articles on how false this idea is, although they also have folks on there still trying to deny it, although without any good reason to believe them, because there never has been one.

For those who want to read a little more on this though, this article is a particularly good one.

Since 1977, we’ve been given guidelines to eat lower fat since dietary fat, especially saturated fat, is supposed to increase risk of heart disease.  I remember reading how much bunk this view is back in the early 1980’s when I first started getting really interested in managing health properly, but all these years later it’s still the traditional view, although many more people know the truth now compared to back then.

Here’s where they got confused.  Eating fat does increase cholesterol levels, and high cholesterol levels are correlated with heart disease.  So therefore, eating fat causes heart disease, or is at least associated with a higher risk of it.

So we’ve had many, many studies on this, where we look at what people eat and the rate of heart disease, and you would think that the people who still push this stuff would have a look at all of this evidence, a mountain of it compared to absolutely no evidence on their side, you would think this would matter, but it continues not to matter.

The fact is, even though eating fat and saturated fat does increase cholesterol, you can’t just look at total cholesterol here.  Fat does increase both LDL, the bad kind, and HDL, the good kind.  Furthermore, it’s the small particle LDL that is dangerous, with the larger particles not being dangerous, so you can’t  even just look at total LDL either.

So saturated fat actually reduces the number of these harmful particles, making the cholesterol we have safer, in addition to raising HDL which is the good kind.  Ironically, a low fat diet ends up increasing this harmful LDL, and that’s not even considering all of the bad cholesterol that a diet high in carbs produces, especially in the presence of the higher insulin levels that diabetics tend to have.

So what do the studies show?  Well there’s been 2 meta studies, studies looking at thousands of individual studies and compiling the results.  One looked at 21 studies involving over 340,000 participants, and another looked at 76 different studies with a total of over 640,000 participants.

Both of these meta studies showed that, in the final analysis, saturated fat intake does not increase the risk or heart disease., and there’s not even any question about this.

Metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes have skyrocketed since then though, and continue to climb, as people stay away from fats and eat more carbs.  There’s lots of evidence that a high carb diet greatly increases your risk for obesity and diabetes, as well as heart disease, the very thing this kind of diet is supposed to control.

So given that saturated fat has been shown to not increase risk of disease, and it is clearly better than using a high amount of carbs to substitute for it, and especially with diabetics, most especially with diabetics, and the standard diabetic diet is based upon this low fat myth, this myth is making people sicker and sicker and for the diabetics who follow it, it’s making our diabetes worse and worse.

It’s hard to say why the medical community is still so stubbornly clinging to these lies, but we’re talking about an entire system that is not the least bit interested in health, in my opinion anyway, and the individual practitioners are just the victims of all of the brainwashing that is going on here, just like most people, there’s got to be something amiss when you have such convincing scientific evidence, massive studies, and it’s all ignored to cling to something that never really was supported by any evidence at all.

If the goal is to make us sicker, then they have achieved this beautifully, as this diet works fantastically to make people more ill, and in need of spending even more money on this horribly broken and ineffective so called health care system.  Nowadays, everyone’s getting fat, including Mama Cass, they don’t have anything to help people because it’s the diet that is most of the problem here, that’s the part they changed, and even diabetics are subject to its punishment, and there is no other type of person that this will harm anywhere near as much as a diabetic.

So in an earlier article I suggested that when they give you the sheet of paper with the standard diabetic diet you just throw it away.  Burning it might be more appropriate.

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