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I ran into an article today by Dr. Julian Whittaker, a medical doctor who is a strong proponent of natural medicines and promotes them extensively on his website, and even has his own line of them.  Dr. Whittaker is a credit to his profession, I don't generally have too many nice things to say about MDs, but there are some who have broken free of their brainwashing and no longer wish to just be soldiers of the medical mafia.

Medical doctors have been shown to be the most closed minded and most brainwashed people in society, and it's no wonder, since the efforts to do so are so intensive.  There is a lot of money to be made here from using them as tools and therefore no stone gets unturned and no expense is spared, from their first day in medical school onward, pharmaceutical companies play a very active role in their "education."

Medical doctors though do tend to be fairly bright overall though, and we're seeing more and more start to question their indoctrination, and open their minds more and look toward alternative means of managing health.

There used to only be one type of medicine, medicines found in nature, but then drug companies got involved, and introduced patent medicines, which are man made medicines, or at least something that has been altered from its natural state that one can receive a patent.

So while on the one hand they are messing around with nature, patent medicines do have the benefit of being patentable, and that's exactly what they do, come up with a unique substance that they get the exclusive right to sell for a number of years, a monopoly, and they can therefore charge exorbitant prices for it.

These new substances tend to be quite dangerous though since we are messing around with nature, and require billions of dollars to be spent on research even to get them to market, and even then they tend to be quite dangerous anyway.

So Dr. Whittaker points out that doctors, in their ignorance, may look to claim that natural supplements are dangerous, and presumably their prescriptions are less so, but pharmaceuticals have been shown to kill 100,000 people a year in the United States alone, and this only counts people taking them as prescribed.

Natural medicines on the other hand don't kill anyone, and to add to Dr. Whittaker's comments on this, they also come without serious side effects as well, and the worst thing people see with supplements is a little gas, whereby with prescriptions the list that comes with pretty much all of them is from hell, with all sorts of side effects from mild ones to heart attacks and cancer, and keep in mind, this stuff is indeed deadly.

How they can even sell this stuff at all is pretty amazing, the drug companies do a good job of bribing people and their people actually run the FDA.  The rationale given is that the benefits outweigh the costs, without even daring to look, although the people who have sought to measure this paint a pretty grim picture.

Death by drugs is only one of several ways that conventional medical care kills people, and this is a culture of death overall, not only death but promoting disease really, their advice makes us sick and their drugs make us sicker.

If  people want to take this stuff and are aware of the risks though then that's up to them, but to suggest that natural medicines which are, as Dr. Whittaker points out, infinitely safer, are somehow more dangerous than pharmaceuticals, which are gravely dangerous, just goes to show how much gall these people have and how stupid they are.

Another objection we see here is claims that natural medicines do not work, and have no scientific basis.  Well this one's pretty laughable as the people who claim this have no idea about the science that goes on here, they just assume there isn't any, or they just hope there isn't, or they may think well whatever studies we have here can't be any good.

However there is a lot of good science, science with very low p values which means that the conclusions are very reliable statistically, and there's lots of good information on this on the internet these days if anyone cares to look, but you won't find it if you don't.  So they haven't, and they hope you haven't either and you will just believe them, after all they are doctors.

Doctors don't get any real training in this and in fact are no more qualified to give advice on natural medicine than a janitor would be, and the janitor may actually may know a lot more since he or she may not have been brainwashed as much, and may have the internet, and may even watch a show like Dr. Oz, and people who just watch Dr. Oz are well ahead of their doctors in almost all cases.

This is what it all comes down to really, looking to actual authorities on something rather than someone, like your doctor, who probably knows very little about such things, and isn't at all interested in learning about them either, due to having closed their minds to the stuff.

There's one more that Dr. Whittaker points out, and this one is perhaps the funniest, it's that we get all of this stuff that we need from our diet.  There are several important nutrients that the majority of the population is deficient in actually, and that's a whole other subject, but people don't even get the bare essentials that healthy people need from their diets for the most part, and when you look to treat conditions, we're talking about medicinal uses, and no diet has anything in the amounts that treat disease.

Now this isn't to say that all medical doctors are this stupid, some are less so, and this is improving over time, where more and more of them are becoming more open minded toward the use of natural medicines.  We still have a long, long way to go and the drug companies are using all of their mighty resources to keep doctors under their thumbs, because natural medicines are a real competitor to what they sell, and they only have one objective, and it's not what's best for us by the way, it's what's best for them, but it's a business after all.  The shame isn't even on them, it's on us for the way be blindly follow these people.

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