Let Thy (Extracts) Be Thy Medicine


I was on one of Dr. Andrew Weil’s sites on a page talking about why we need supplements and it spoke about how some people may not need supplements, those who eat things like fresh organic produce, cold water fish, and extra virgin olive oil.

The idea here was to tell you that, no, you don’t eat that way so you do need supplements, although I would tell them that it doesn’t matter, you still do.

We could add in though that even if you do eat all this allegedly purely wholesome stuff you still need supplements if you aren’t in perfect health.  Then we could go a step further and say that not only do you have to be in perfect health but you have to be confident that your health will stay perfect.

You also have to be fully aware of what perfect health feels like, or even what it is, and it isn’t just the absence of negative symptoms, it also involves an abundance of positive symptoms, like lots of energy, full of joy and happiness, and so on.

When you take a good look at this issue, we actually need help from the moment of conception until the moment of death, and every moment in between.  Health is actually a pretty open ended thing, a lot like Olympic competition, there’s always better to strive for and you never reach a finite pinnacle.

He then speaks of how nutrient depleted our diet is, and this is true, but we’re not so readily provided with everything we could possibly need to manage our health from our diet anyway.  Saying that you can get what you need from your diet, now or at any time in human history, is like saying that all you need to do is eat well and you’ll never, ever get sick with anything.  This simply isn’t going to happen.

While food can be used for both prevention and for its medicinal properties, the main goal of nutraceuticals is to treat disease, not supplement minimum requirements for certain nutrients.  Pharma wants you to think that of course, they want the monopoly on the -ceuticals, they want to steer people away from natural medicines so they will buy theirs of course.

This might be morally wrong but on the other hand it’s just business, and their goal is, after all, to promote the value of their stock for their shareholders, like any business.  In doing so though, they have brainwashed a lot of people into thinking that their fundamental goal is the benefit or mankind or some similar altruistic philosophy, when the reality is that, in this business, maximum and not minimum illness is what makes them the most money.

A lot of so called alternative thinkers have become naive as well, and you hear all sorts of absurd notions such as God put everything we need into our food and you just got to pick the right ones, cold water wild caught fish, grass fed livestock that are tucked in every night with a bedtime story, and so on.

Tales like that conveniently forget about all the additional stress our bodies are under from our cramped, industrial lifestyle, and you can move up into the mountains and live off the land and that won’t even help because you can’t run or hide from the aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxins that are being sprayed into our skies.  Even the most pristine areas are testing absurdly high for these toxins, in amounts hundreds or thousands of times above levels considered to be safe, and this is just one of many assaults upon our bodies that we have to do our best to defend ourselves from.

It’s hard to find anyone without a health issue, and when you don’t have one, they make one up for you, for instance if your cholesterol levels are above the standard that is dangerously low, they call that high, and look to medicate you down to a pathological state.

Few people realize or even bother looking into the dangers of low cholesterol, and cholesterol is the substrate for many hormones, who cares if we disrupt our hormones, who cares if we get significant muscle damage, or any of the other side effects of low cholesterol, we don’t want to be non compliant, do we?  Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

So the key thing here to realize is that so called supplements do not supplement food, they can be used that way, but another very significant use for these nutrients and extracts is their use as medicines, as natural medicines, thus the term nutraceutical.

This is in contrast to what we know as pharmaceuticals, although they are all pharmaceuticals really, but this distinguishes the natural ones from the laboratory created ones, that due to patent laws are created as unique substances not found in nature by necessity, and like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, this can and does create some scary stuff.

No matter though, we’re told to take them, and we dutifully comply for the most part, without asking too many questions.  Once in a while someone might ask why this is making them so sick, and sometimes they just give you something else, perhaps one a little less toxic, if it hasn’t killed you that is, and over 100,000 people die each year in the U.S. alone just by taking this stuff as directed.

Not everyone buys into this lock stock and barrel though, and more and more people are turning to natural medicines as an alternative to managing their health.  You are on your own pretty much here though, you can go to a naturopath of course but the chances of your MD being hip to this stuff to any meaningful degree, besides things like middle aged women should take a lot of calcium, is pretty slim.

Speaking of calcium, they do promote that, and this is one of the only so called supplements they promote, but as it turns out their recommendations are actually harmful, and they don’t bother to tell you to balance this with other things such as magnesium and Vitamin D, both of which have deficiency rates that are epidemic, involving the majority of the population.

So if you take big doses of calcium with these deficiencies present, you actually harm your health, and this has been clearly shown to be the case, but no matter.  For the sake of consistency, the so called medical profession is spot on, and those who are waiting for these folks to provide advice that is not actually harmful to you will have to wait, perhaps a very long time, due to a sad combination of their own ignorance and the malfeasance of their puppet masters, who profit directly from maximizing illness.

So is there anyone who doesn’t need supplements?  Indeed not.

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