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This is an article that is sort of by request, as there seems to be quite a few of my readers that are interested in combination supplements like LA-3.  There are a lot of articles on LA-3 on the internet, but they are pretty much all from people who want you to buy the stuff, affiliates who get a percentage of the sales of what they promote.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that per se, and while some of these folks are clearly just shills, there is a lot of great info on supplements that are provided by sites who do look to earn a commission on the sales of them, information that is excellent and isn’t really biased, they are just looking to provide the benefits and if people are going to buy the products then they might as well go through their links and help out the site that helped them.

For the most part, the claims that you see are substantiated, and some like Life Extension provides numerous links to scientific papers just to prove that they aren’t just making all this up.  Some people hold a dim view of a site both describing the benefits of something and benefiting from its sale, but it’s because they are suffering from the disorder of small mindedness and perhaps they could benefit from going to a nootropic site which recommends and promotes things to help in cognitive function, and order some of this stuff.

Ultimately, how one needs to evaluate supplements is on the personal level, to see what it may do for them, and internet articles at best can point people in the right direction, as in here’s what this has done for others or here’s what studies have shown it does to people or might do based upon what it does to rats, and so on.

Anyway, I don’t promote any products on my site, it’s all just information, and while I do run Google ad boxes, it’s whatever Google thinks you might be interested in, and I’ve got nothing to do with what you see on those.  On the other hand, it might even be better if I did put up my own ads as I would have some editorial control, but that’s just too much trouble for me, I want to spend my time talking about the issues, but I’ve nothing against advertising and promotion on a health oriented website, just to be clear on that.

However, with that said, I can talk about something like LA-3 without giving a hoot whether you ever buy it or not, although who knows, maybe you might see some ads for it that Google puts up but I am not promoting it anyway one way or the other.

So what is LA-3 anyway?  It’s a combination of 3 ingredients that are known to activate something called AMPK, which is involved in metabolism and is actually very important to it.  Certain conditions, including diabetes, including even aging, cause our AMPK levels to drop, and it’s probably the case that just about everyone could benefit from bringing this up, especially if you are overweight.

So LA-3 is marketed as a weight loss supplement, although weight loss is more of a side effect of AMPK activation, and this stuff does far more than that.  Let’s put it this way, if I were looking to lose weight, and I maintain my weight at whatever I want by the way, I would not be looking for weight loss in any bottle, including a bottle of LA-3.

This is not meant to disappoint you, and LA-3 can help a bit with weight loss with some people, but the people that think that they can manage their weight effectively by taking something, anything, are going to be disappointed.  People get real disappointed but they keep on seeking, and perhaps the next big thing will be the one that works for them.

AMPK activation does far more for you than helping you lose weight, and by the way, how it does this is to reduce your need for insulin and therefore lower your insulin levels a bit, you then store a little less fat, and weigh a little less.

I’ve got a couple other articles on the site where I talk about AMPK, for instance AMPK, Metformin, Berberine, and Gynostemma is my most read article on the site, and while I speak mostly about how these things influence diabetes, I suspect I get a lot of people coming over who are looking to lose weight.  Given that so many diabetics are overweight I probably should do more articles on obesity actually.

I also have a couple more, AMPK and Type 2 Diabetes, and Benefits of AMPK Activation for Diabetics,  and people are welcome to click on these titles if they are interested in the topics which will take you to the particular articles.

So this compound, LA-3, contains berberine and gynostemma, which are the superstars of AMPK activation, along with quercetin, which elevates it a little as well as being a great overall supplement.  Quercetin is an excellent anti inflammatory as well has having other benefits and it deserves an article of its own, which I will do at some point.

So these are some of my absolute favorite supplements for diabetes as well as overall health, and although I’ve never taken LA-3, I take all of these things individually and love them all.

People do tend to report good results from LA-3 generally, and it’s not surprising.  Nothing works for everyone and this is why I say you have to try things out to really know, but at the same time if you have an idea about what something may do for you that’s a great help for sure.

It is made by Live Cell Research which is a leading edge supplement company and among their products is Niagen, which is great for mitochondrial function.  While the quality of supplement companies matter, and something I do pay attention to, this company is in the upper echelon of supplement makers for sure.

In a nutshell, eating too much disturbs our metabolism, from sheer overload, and modern humans definitely eat too much.  The primary reason why we get fat is from our insulin levels running too high, and higher insulin plus higher food intake equals higher fat storage, every time.

This part has nothing to do with calories, calories are only a measure of potential energy, how much energy you can get out of food, this has nothing to do with storage, as we store energy at variable rates depending on how much is consumed, and depending completely on how high our insulin levels are.

All conditions of excess fat storage are caused by excess insulin because that’s what insulin does, it’s the storage hormone, and it not only stores fat, when it is too high it also prevents us from converting this excess fat into energy.

When AMPK is low, and if we overeat, it will be, because overeating puts this down, then this contributes to the problem of converting food to energy,  not just stored fat but glucose from the blood as well.  If we are diabetic, this is even more of a problem, but anyone with metabolic disease, and being overweight is a metabolic disease in itself, needs to pay attention to this.

So raising AMPK is a great idea and needed actually if we want to be healthier.  How does the formulation in LA-3 stack up though?  Well a daily dose has 450 mg of gynostemma, and gynostemma is an even better AMPK activator than berberine by some accounts at least, and that’s a decent dosage.

By comparison, the gynostemma I take is 500 mg per capsule and the dosage on the bottle is 6 capsules per day.  Now 450 mg has been shown to help with AMPK activation in studies, but if one just wanted that dosage, they could just take 1 capsule a day and pay as little as $3 a month.

LA-3 also has 100 mg of berberine and 100 mg of quercetin in it.  Neither of these dosages are significant.  The therapeutic dosage of berberine is 1000 to 1500 mg a day, I wouldn’t think 100 mg a day would do anything actually.  The same is probably true for 100 mg of quercetin, I take 10 times that a day myself, you can’t even buy either quercetin or berberine by itself in such small dosages.

So is LA-3 worth the almost $50 they charge for it?  Well it might be, if someone didn’t know any better.  What you are paying for is their knowledge, they have it, you don’t, if you did you could get pretty much the same benefits by only spending a tenth of this amount of money, or get a lot more benefits and spend considerably less.

That’s the problem with formulations, you get several things, but generally not in therapeutic dosages.  While the amount of gynostemma in this is in a therapeutic dosage, and that’s likely why it does work, the other two things are just thrown in there in very small dosages and while this might help a bit, you’d be better off taking an amount that has been shown to matter in studies.

So when I see people being very concerned that they can’t get something like LA-3 where they live, and even ask me questions such as who will ship this to their country, well there’s no need to rely on these things because you can just buy the stuff individually and for a lot cheaper actually.

I wish this company all the best though and they are turning on a lot more people to AMPK activators, with all the money they spend on marketing and all their affiliates, than sites like mine ever could, I spend nothing, and have no vested interest other than trying to get some info out there that people can use to help themselves more.  Whether you use LA-3, another formulation such as Life Extension AMPK Activator, or just take the stuff yourself, AMPK activation is a great idea indeed!

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    1. I’ve found Thorne Research berberine to be the best. I take Dragon Herbs gynostemma, Now kre-alkalyn creatine, and Organika quercetin and bromelain. Now aside from the berberine where brand seems to be very imporant, I wouldn’t say it was so much with these other supplements but you do want to go with the kre-alkylin creatine I’d say as opposed to regular creatine.

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