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This might be the most important article in the entire site.  It is extremely important that we do our best to keep an open mind when it comes to managing our diabetes, or with anything else for that matter.  

This does seem to present quite a challenge at times, an enormous one even, as we are often so entrenched in our preconceived beliefs that we cling to them even when they are false.

A great example of this is how the medical community views diabetes, and views all things actually.  They have their approach, and anything that is in concert with it is promoted, while things that go against it are rejected, regardless of what merit it may have.  

Not only do they not care about merit, they will seemingly do anything they can to discredit opposing beliefs and to prop up theirs, and sound reasoning isn't even required.  This is because the beliefs here trump everything, the evidence, the truth, even reason itself.

So for instance they will tell you, eat a low fat diet, even though there's never been any good evidence of this being the healthiest way to eat, and lots of evidence showing that this is not the case at all, and no matter how much the evidence mounts against them, they still stubbornly and arrogantly cling to their views.

So what's happened here is that our well being has been sublimated, and sublimated completely, to their ideology.  They have closed their minds and barred the door and got out their shotguns lest anyone try to break it down.

This is just one example of this, and their are many, it is said that the medical profession takes decades to accept the truth of things after the truth of it has become very clear, and I think that's actually pretty optimistic as often times they never do accept if if it differs from their philosophy or their methodology too much, and this is a methodology that is designed to maximize profit by the way, not well being.

I don't want to pick on these folks too much though right now, or perhaps I do but I don't want to limit this to just them, they aren't the only ones guilty of being closed minded, this applies to everyone really to some extent, and we must be very diligent to guard against committing this error.

If we read something for instance that shakes our belief system to the core, we ought to never reject it merely because it conflicts with what we believe, we must always consider it and give it a fair evaluation.

This is especially the case with diabetes given that the disease isn't exactly homogeneous and there is a lot of variation that we see among patients.  So we don't want to ever say, well this worked for me or didn't so it should work for you or shouldn't because the situation may be different even though we suffer from some of the same symptoms, high blood sugar for instance.

So several cliques have developed here on the diabetes management front, a bunch of them actually when you look closely, and all share some common beliefs.  It's fine to have beliefs, we need them, and it's also fine to band together with other like minded individuals, as community is very important as well.

What we want to try hard to resist doing though is to let our preconceived beliefs about something blind us, even to a small degree.  Even if your current set of beliefs about diabetes is very well founded and considered, something else may come up to shake them a bit or even a lot and we must always be fully open to the possibility that we may have been wrong to some extent at least.

I have my own views on diabetes which I share on this site but I always do my best to consider all sides of things, and also am more than willing to abandon a view or at least be less certain about it should the evidence require it.

So we must always question things and I'm certainly looking to do that on this site, you will no doubt find things, and probably a lot of things, which initially you don't agree with, and while it's completely up to you what you believe, we always want to keep an open mind, which does require effort and focus a lot of the time.

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