It’s The Insulin, Stupid, Part 9

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Finally we’re going to have a look at Amy Berger’s discussion of some of the negative health effects of high insulin that we know about.  We’re only in part 2 of 8 of her series so there’s plenty left to talk about.

If you remember, the series It’s The Insulin, Stupid got its name from the -itis that is used as a suffix to many diseases, and -itis itself indicates a condition caused by excessive inflammation, and ITIS could be seen as standing for it’s the insulin, stupid, and that’s actually a great characterization, especially adding in the stupid part because this is all based upon information we already know but choose to ignore.

I have even had people tell me that this whole business of high insulin being harmful at all is just junk science since medical doctors don’t really pay attention to this, which is pretty sad to hear, someone basing what is knowledge upon what a group of people have been led to believe.

It is true that few medical doctors are familiar with the harms that hyperinsulinemia cause or even the condition itself, and they may believe that this is a rare disease that is caused by a tumor in the pancreas or something, and I’ve even read that on medical sites.  We’ve known about this disease for a very long time now and have mountains of scientific evidence for it, but the medical profession is steered well away from it, including endocrinologists, who continue to prescribe insulin therapy to essentially treat the disease of high insulin, which is what type 2 diabetes actually is.

So the ignorance and mistreatment of diabetes is bad enough, but this is just one of many conditions that hyperinsulinemia is behind, and we know from the work of Dr. Kraft that the disease is much more widespread than just with type 2 diabetics.  Virtually all type 2 diabetics suffer from it, and just about all diabetics period, and there are cases where one may become a double diabetic and start producing less than normal insulin, from the immune system killing off beta cells, and we of course have the type 1’s, but both of these groups are made hyperinsulinemic as a matter of treatment, and in order to maintain close to normal blood sugar it is required to induce hyperinsulinemia, with many consequences, although we generally ignore the disease with them as well.

Dr. Kraft discovered that about 75% of people with normal blood sugar, not elevated at all, have clinical hyperinsulinemia, as in bad enough to be classified as a disease, and this is why he coined the term “diabetes in situ.”  Since he defines diabetes, rightly, as hyperinsulinemia, these people are diabetics as well.

So it’s the case that 85% to 90% of people these days are diabetic in the true sense, although only about half of people have sufficient hyperglycemia to get a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes.  So half have hyperglycemia, and three quarters of the other half have it as well, that’s close to 90% of people with diabetes.  This number can and probably will go up as time goes on, because diabetes is a growing phenomenon.

Diabetes causes so many conditions though that this is a true mother lode for corporate health care management.  When you see the estimates of how much we spend on diabetes, that’s nothing compared to what we spend on it when we account for all of the things the disease of high insulin causes, starting with all forms of vascular disease.

Dr. Kraft’s main message is that type 2 diabetes is a disease of the vascular system, and while it causes a whole lot of other problems, some of which we will discuss, it sure does cause cardiovascular disease, and may even be the only cause of it.

We can say though that at the very least, high insulin is by far the biggest contributing factor to cardiovascular disease (CVD,) all forms of it, including both macrovascular and microvascular events.  People blame glucose on microvascular damage with diabetes but that’s only because it’s correlated, but while high blood sugar does contribute to this, it is accompanied by high insulin, and it’s the high insulin that does most of the damage.

There is a very high degree of probability that all vascular disease is caused by high insulin, period, as Dr. Kraft believes.

Excess insulin levels damage the lining of blood vessels, from the largest arteries to the smallest capillaries, and the microvessels are especially vulnerable to this, since they cannot withstand much damage to their lining without losing their integrity.  None of our blood vessels can, and we learn more and more about the role of hyperinsulinemia in CVD, although this is usually phrased as insulin resistance, although the insulin resistance has nothing to do with this really, this is simply being damaged by a hormone insulin at toxic levels.

So if you do a search for hyperinsulinemia and cardiovascular disease, you will find some evidence, but if you search for insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease, you will find much more, but they are the same thing.  Authors of studies for whatever reason prefer to use insulin resistance as the culprit, even though that doesn’t really make any sense, and in fact if not for insulin resistance there would be even more damage to cells, since this protects them against further damage by excess insulin.

The damage here is primarily by way of causing excess inflammation, and insulin in excess is very pro inflammatory, and this inflammation injures the lining of blood vessels.  Cholesterol plaques then form to try to protect the injured cells, much like a bandage, and so when you see CVD you will see cholesterol plaques associated with it.

So aha, CVD and cholesterol go together, so let’s make the leap that high cholesterol causes CVD, and then let’s try to strip off the bandages that cholesterol provides, let’s also lower cholesterol below what is even normal, stopping our livers from producing enough, and induce all sorts of other damage and hormonal disruptions, and we can make people sicker and make a ton of money at the same time, so what a beautiful idea this is.

We can also tell people to eat more carbs and eat less fat, and this is going to put their insulin levels up even further, causing more damage and more illness, but we make money from that, so this is real good for business.

This all sounds like an evil fairy tale but whether or not the medical profession realizes it, this is exactly what they do, and there’s never been any good scientific evidence to support their approach, in fact for over 50 years we have known that this is not only not helpful but the worst thing you could possibly do, yet this view remains prominent among conventional practitioners.

So it’s the insulin, stupid.

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