Is This Really All About Blood Sugar?







Blood sugar is obviously an important component of managing diabetes.  Some diabetics don't take blood sugar seriously enough, in fact it's fair to say that a lot of diabetics don't.  Since high blood sugar plays a central role in our disease, it is foolish not to give this the heed it deserves and requires.

Can we go too far the other way though?  Can we focus on blood sugar too much?  The answer is, hell yeah.  Now you don't see a lot of diabetics do this very much, but there is certainly a segment of the diabetic population that does this.

In fact, diabetics seem to be divided into two main camps, the majority that does not take blood sugar seriously enough, especially when it comes to making the dietary changes that help manage it both in the short and long term, and those who are too obsessed with it, to a level that can even be detrimental.

So it's this second group that I want to talk about in this post, people who both focus on blood sugar too much and worry about it too much as well.

So there are two parts to this, the focusing on it and the worrying about it, and they are distinct enough to discuss them separately, or at least to touch on them at this point, and I'll be speaking about this in much more detail as the site evolves.

As central as blood sugar control is to managing diabetes, it's not the only thing, and there are other things we need to be thinking about.  One of the big things is that we need to be aware that a certain level of blood sugar control may involve other consequences that we need to pay attention to as well.

An obvious one is when you use medications to aggressively lower blood sugar, these medications generally involve other effects as well besides lowering blood sugar and it is foolish to not consider these other effects.

There's also the issue of the price that may be paid long term for achieving better blood sugar control in the short run.  A good example of this is using high amounts of insulin where you may achieve good results now but if this is increasing insulin resistance over time, this may also may be worsening your diabetes over time and you may end up in a lot worse spot down the road this way.

There's also a tendency for this to take the focus off some other issues that may be even more important, such as looking to limit the damage that higher blood sugar does.  That's pretty important, as if you're looking to minimize damage, blood sugar control is only one way to do that and there are other things that are important as well, such as looking to control excess oxidation and glycation, which we will also discuss in more depth later on.

So what we need here is a balanced viewpoint where we do not become too obsessed with just one particular aspect of our disease, and blood sugar levels are an important aspect but certainly not the only one worth considering and managing.

The second part of this, the excessive worry element, deserves a post of its own, so I'll tackle that next time, and this is in fact something you definitely want to not let get out of hand. 

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