It’s The Insulin, Stupid, Part 4

type 2 diabetes

In the last edition of this series, we looked at the work of Dr. Joseph Kraft, and his discovery that 80% of people have issues with blood sugar metabolism.  Some of these people have high blood sugar, and others just have defects in insulin secretion, which we know precedes diabetes.

So if we were interested in screening for diabetes risk, we’d be screening for insulin levels, but we don’t, and this causes some to wonder whether we’re really that interested in screening for this.  The answer though is, no we are not.

It’s actually not that surprising that we are not, because the medical profession only gets interested in things when you can start prescribing a bunch of stuff.  With cardiovascular risk, they are very interested in screening for that of course, with things that only correlate like cholesterol levels, people with cardiovascular disease tend to have higher cholesterol levels so who cares about whether or not there’s any causation going on, let’s go all out to lower that anyway.

There are a bunch of meds that are prescribed here though, that’s the difference, so like vultures wait until something is dead before swooping down, these vultures need to wait until there’s a meal to be had, the meal of prescribing and doing the dirty deeds of their corporate masters who rule their every move, and even have them and their victims brainwashed to the extent that hardly anyone sees what’s really going on.

So if we screened for insulin, well the medical profession would not consider this to be clinically relevant as they put it, and their clinical practice involves prescribing, so if there is nothing to prescribe, there’s nothing to do, there’s no need to be the least bit concerned either.  That’s how things work with them.

I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to say that these folks aren’t really interested in preventing any disease, people might think that they do prescribe a lot of things that does prevent diseases, but that’s only if you just take their word for it that disease is reduced though taking this stuff, and if you look at the evidence, with both their drugs and their advice, it becomes pretty clear that this is designed not to make us well but to make us sicker.

The very strategy of conventional medicine, treating symptoms rather than underlying conditions, damns them right there really, as this leads to a worsening of conditions period, not just through neglect, but by reducing or removing the body’s efforts at correcting what is behind the disorders.

So the body gets sick, the body does something to try to fix it, and this may or may not be enough, but when we focus our efforts on removing these natural attempts at healing, without addressing the problem, you will just make things worse.

In any case, what good would it do them really to discover that most people have insulin levels that are too high and are on the road to diabetes?  Well they would have to admit that high insulin levels are a problem, and they do their best to pretend they are not, and to ignore all of the science that tells us that this is not just a big worry but is the cornerstone of all metabolic disease.

Moreover, high insulin is becoming more and more rampant each year, as are all the metabolic diseases it causes.  This is a huge cash cow for them though, not just the money they make in treating the diseases caused by high insulin, such as diabetes, the medical industry also makes a lot of money selling medications that make this condition worse, medications that increase the toxic levels of insulin we typically have running through us even more, including having us injecting it into our veins.

So who really cares if we can screen for diabetes by measuring insulin levels, who really wants to ever measure insulin levels, even if we are injecting it?  Well hardly any one actually, not these people, that’s for sure.  I don’t know if there is even one practitioner that doses their hormonal therapy with insulin by looking to balance it, which would be the only sane use of this or any other hormonal therapy, and that’s really sad, as well as being blatant malpractice.

Malpractice is only recognized though when compared against what’s considered to be accepted practice, they make the rules, they say what malpractice is or what it isn’t as far as the courts are concerned anyway, and they have the legal system well in their back pocket as well, they are many, many times more powerful than any mafia ever was.

This doesn’t mean though that we can’t call this for what it is, and the ignorance of the condition of hyperinsulinemia is just one of their cardinal sins, but it’s one that has a huge impact on our health that’s for sure.

People can and do find their way to hyperinsulinemia quite well on their own, but the emphasis on all those grains, on a low fat diet, on a diet rich in man made fats, on avoiding animal fat, on avoiding salt, and so on, does play a central role in the etiology of a number of diseases, especially metabolic ones like hyperinsulinemia and type 2 diabetes.

So Dr Kraft has proven that nothing predicts diabetes as well as insulin levels, but his mistaken assumption here is that people are actually out to look to prevent diabetes, and that’s clearly false.

This is just one of the things that he discovered though in his lifetime dedication to looking to discover how defects in insulin and glucose metabolism are presented in real life, and to this day his work stands out as the only real attempt for anyone to do this.

None of this was any surprise to anyone who has a clue about the etiology of diabetes though.  Insulin levels rise, lipid levels rise, these higher lipid levels poison our pancreas, glucagon goes up, this causes our blood sugar to go up.  This all was proven by Roger Unger many years ago, although the medical profession has never been interested in any science that does not directly lead to greater expenditure on their services, that’s the goal of this business, profit maximization, and health and well being don’t just get thrown under the bus here, it gets thrown under on purpose, as the sicker people are, the more profit there is.

Fortunately though, we can use our own brains here and look at all of this, and they might ignore the real science here but we aren’t forced to.

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