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The standard protocols for managing diabetes take a real whipping in a lot of circles, and not all of it is undeserved.  My view of all of this is actually pretty moderate compared to some people, who paint these people as devils, this stuff is certainly confused enough though.  I do feel that in the face of the evidence we have, their probably are what we could consider to be machinations going on here though, and the standard medical view does seem to have its goal to be maximizing profits though making diseases worse, and if you look at what goes on honestly it's hard not to come to that conclusion.

I'll have more to say about all this generally another day though, as today I want to focus on the so called standard management of diabetes, and in particular, their dietary advice and management.  That's not the only thing they screw up though, and screwing up isn't anywhere near strong enough, but the proper diet is the very foundation of diabetes treatment and when you get this wrong you are screwed period, so it's pretty important indeed.

There are several things wrong with the dietary recommendations you get from medical authorities, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians, nutritionists, diabetes associations such as the ADA, popular websites, and so on.  Now I'm not saying all the people in these professions are going to be leading you down the garden path, there are even MDs who get this, but they are rare enough that we can just talk about the medical profession in general here.

I was on the ADA site today, the American Diabetes Association, just to see the kind of stuff they are saying nowadays, and it looks like they are changing their tone a little here, allowing for the possibility of a little more flexibility here, if you read between the lines, but for the most part this is still pretty messed up.

There are a few mistaken assumptions that are behind all of this by the way, and one of the biggest ones is their beliefs about dietary fat.  While I'm going to be going into all of this in much more detail down the road, there are three types of fats.  Good fats are dietary saturated fats and monosaturated fats.  Not so good fats as polyunsaturated.  Bad fats are trans fats and the fat that our liver makes by way of converting carbohydrates.

This should not even be controversial, if people looked at the science, and some people who do might think, well it looks like we have new evidence now to show that we got this all wrong all these years, but the truth is, there was never any good evidence for their claims that we should be eating low fat, and favor polyunsaturated fat over saturated, and not even pay attention to liver generated fat though de novo lipogenesis.

This was actually a PR campaign started in the 1950's, prior to that people ate saturated fat liberally and certainly didn't cut it out in favor of a lot more carbohydrates.  If the plan was to sell more carbohydrate based foods, make us fatter, and make us sicker, it worked beautifully.

Now that we have the internet, the word is out on all of this stuff, and over the years the evidence has piled up to show that this view is not only mistaken but dangerous, but yet the beat still goes on, and through the media most of the world remains brainwashed.

So people should be eating a lot more fat, especially saturated fat, and a lot less carbs, and in fact that's the natural state, without worrying about things like red meat, bacon and eggs, full fat dairy, and so on.  When people get diabetes and then look into this enough to see the truth here, they are often delighted that they can eat all the fat they want now, and that this is the perfect diet for diabetes in particular.

What happens though is that by preaching low fat, they are forcing us to get way more of our calories from carbs than we can handle, and we actually have a disease which makes us quite carb intolerant.  However, pay no mind to that, pay no mind to what this diet we give you does to your blood sugar, the important thing is to go low fat.

The only macronutrient that doesn't raise our insulin and raise our blood sugar is fat actually.  There are people who get almost all their calories from fat and they do great, not just their blood sugar, not just halting the progression of their diabetes, but their cardiovascular markers improve as well.  This is because a high fat diet doesn't cause heart disease, a high carb diet does, as well as obesity, and a host of other afflictions.

I don't preach the super high fat diet that the ketogenic people eat, I don't preach any kind of diet actually, what I do preach is that people just pay attention to how the stuff they eat affects their blood sugar, like any sane person would do actually.

So I'm not done talking about this yet by any means, and I'll continue this discussion in the next article, but that's the most important thing that we need to realize, we are diabetics and we need to tailor our diet to the disease, just like people who have food allergies need to tailor theirs.

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