Fat, Protein, And Carbohydrate


Both obesity and diabetes have been exploding since conventional medical authorities have been pushing low fat, and this is no coincidence actually.  It's not that fat is so helpful, and cutting down on it takes away the benefits of it, it's more like it's fairly inert by itself, and when you lower it, you end up being forced to replace it with carbs.

You can only increase protein so much, and getting a lot of protein generally means eating a lot of meat, and that's out because meat tends to have a lot of fat in it, saturated fat in particular, the kind they tell us to cut down on particularly.

So when we look at all of the metabolic disease we have nowadays, and then look at the way our carbohydrate consumption has trended up, they have gone up in step with each other.  If you look at what people eat, especially on low fat, well there's a lot of carbs there.

Carbs are everywhere, and to be honest I didn't realize how bad this was until I got diabetes and had to start paying attention to this, and the typical diet nowadays, both those considered healthy and those not, are simply loaded with carbohydrates.  We're told we're supposed to get about half our calories from carbs, which is an enormous amount and one our bodies simply aren't designed to handle, something that's been proven out over the years without a doubt, if you just look at what has happened to us.

I've been talking about how high insulin messes us up a lot on here, and it's not just for the purposes of edification, there are some huge practical implications in this, and this is what is really behind metabolic disease, including all the things we associate with diabetes, the high blood sugar, the insulin resistance, the obesity, the high blood fats, the high blood pressure, and so on.

It's not even the carbs that are to blame here, not the carbs itself in other words, it's actually how a high carb diet affects our insulin production.  Carbs put insulin up more than any other macronutrient, which is something no one would disagree with.  Protein also raises insulin, only fat doesn't raise it, and this is why a high fat diet is so important if we don't want to screw up our bodies.

When we do high carb, and then raise insulin, the first thing that happens is that these excess carbs get converted to a pretty nasty type of fat, and this is the stuff that makes us fat as well.  So this results in both too much fat and too much glucose in our blood, then insulin drives this stuff into our cells, resulting in both glucotoxity, poisoning by glucose, and lipotoxity, poisoning by fat.

So what about fat consumed in the diet, doesn't this do this to us?  Well not without high insulin.  If you feed someone a high carb and a high fat diet, this is actually worse than a high carb and low fat, and the reason is that when you eat too many carbs, this raises insulin too much, and then the fats are going to be used for evil purposes, in other words too much fat will be jammed into cells.

This doesn't happen with normal amounts of insulin, as poisoning us with glucose and fat isn't what insulin normally does, although when you have toxic amounts of it flowing through you, it certainly does.

So you can see how this all ends up confusing people, they will do studies where people are fed high carb and low fat and high carb and high fat, and the low fat people will do better metabolically.  Then they say, there's your proof, fat is bad for you.

When we want to give rats diabetes, the quickest way is to give them a high carb and high fat diet, it works very quickly and very effectively, people say well that's what high fat does, they attribute this to the high fat and you never really see the role high carb plays get mentioned.

It doesn't matter that all this shows is that you shouldn't be combining high fat and high carb, the high carb is the control, they don't even consider that this might be harmful, because they are too busy banging their pitchforks.  It doesn't matter that we have a ton of evidence that shows that it's the carbs that does us in here, that high fat and low carb is by far the best diet of the bunch, and that you can't even increase the fat too much on a low carb diet, and we can even give people 85% or more of their calories from fat and they will do great on this.

What high fat low carb does though is produce healthy insulin levels, and that's especially important with us type 2 diabetics, given that our underlying disease is hyperinsulinemia, high insulin levels.  What we need to be doing is to look to normalize our insulin levels as much as we can, and this is even more important than blood sugar control actually, as out of control insulin levels is how we got our high blood sugar in the first place and things will only get worse, harder and harder to manage, if we neglect this.

Come to think of it though that's how diabetes normally progresses, but if you want to get off of that road to hell, you need to look to fix the underlying problem better.  Diet plays a huge factor in this.

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