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Dr. Rosedale then describes a patient who came to him with severe osteoporosis of 3 standard deviations below the norm, which means that she would be in the bottom one tenth of one percent as far as the general population goes for this measure.  Dr. Rosedale improved this to one standard deviation, or in the bottom 10%, which is a very significant improvement indeed.

In effecting this change, one of the things that Dr. Rosedale did was take her off the estrogen she was on, and they don’t prescribe bio-identical estrogen either, they use the dangerous synthetic form.  The same is true for progesterone as well.

The differences between the natural and synthetic forms of these female hormones is very dramatic in fact, in with the case of the natural hormones, they can provide a lot of benefit to women who have hormonal imbalances, especially postmenopausal women.  There does tend to be an estrogen dominance at this stage though and you always want to start with progesterone, but in some cases estrogen can be added as well.

The synthetic hormones are so toxic though that even the medical profession is hesitant about prescribing them, and that says a lot since they normally are not that shy about messing people up badly and even killing them with prescriptions.  So this ends up becoming, the stuff we prescribe is dangerous so replacing these hormones themselves is dangerous.

When they do prescribe though, they almost always will prescribe the dangerous form, and there’s only one possible explanation here, and that’s the companies who make this stuff market them to doctors much more aggressively, to put it mildly.

That’s how this game works actually, with practicing physicians getting all their information from the drug companies through various means, this is their continuing education.  Not some of it, all of it.  The small companies that make the bio-identical versions don’t have any skin in the game, and physicians don’t have time to learn anything other than what they are spoon fed by these drug companies.

It’s interesting that Dr. Rosedale attributes this patient’s osteoporosis to high insulin, as few people are aware of this connection, and you really have to dig into the weeds to figure this out.  Insulin itself is anabolic, and if it were the only influencer of this, high insulin would make your bones stronger, like it builds more muscle, but it only does this stuff in healthy individuals.

It actually tends to be harder to build muscle and bone when you have metabolic disease, due to all the other disturbances that are going on, of which high insulin is behind.  Among the things we see is a loss of the nutrients that build strong bones, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.  So these are things that most people are deficient in anyway, the majority of the population doesn’t get enough magnesium, gets less than optimal levels of vitamin D, and get enough calcium but do not use it well enough, creating a functional deficiency.

So people with metabolic disease have to pay particular attention to these nutrients, as well as vitamin K, something we really tend to neglect, but the best way to help yourself here is to improve the metabolic disease, and this is presumably how Dr. Rosedale helped this patient, by diet alone.

Next, Ron speaks of the case of his stepfather who suffered from extremely severe claudication, which is like a form of angina of the leg, where one becomes in a lot of pain after only walking short distances, and is caused by the blood flow getting cut off to your legs when you walk.  This is due to vascular damage, and guess what causes vascular damage?

Now this isn’t even a matter of saying, what contributes to vascular damage, or what is associated with vascular damage, high insulin over time causes this.  So you have narrowed and clogged arteries and people might say, well look at all that vasoconstriction, look at all that damage to your cell walls, look at the cholesterol that’s clogging these arteries, there’s your culprits, but behind all of these things is hyperinsulinemia.

If your stepson is Ron Rosedale, a brilliant MD, you would think that you would listen to him, but stepdad managed to resist this help until one day he was planning a trip to Europe and wanted to move around a lot better, walk more than a few feet at a time.

Ron had told the man that he needs to change his diet, and a lot of people think, yeah sure, what kind of medicine is that, no prescription, no operation, what the heck can that do really?

So aside from the claudication, he also was told he would need a heart bypass operation as well, but Dr. Rosedale told him that if he would just listen to him then both conditions would improve with no surgery needed at all.  He finally gave in and tried the diet.  Two weeks later he was able to walk around normally.

He also mentions a patient who had a high risk of breast cancer who he put on his diet, and high insulin plays a huge role in cancer, because of its anabolic effects.  One gets cancer cells all the time, whether or not you get tumors depends on whether these cancer cells grow or are killed off, and when they grow faster than the immune system can kill them off, you get the cancer.

So something that speeds up their growth notably, like having way too much insulin running through you, way more than normal, can be more than enough to upset this balance and overwhelm the body’s defenses against these cells, and this is what happens.

You don’t hear much about this though, and they don’t even want you eating a diet that gets your insulin levels down even if you’re dying of cancer, and far from it actually.  While low carb proponents are tolerated with other diseases, when it comes to cancer, even the idea of putting someone on a low carb diet to help the cancer will get you tarred and feathered, or worse.

I remember an article of mine that I did on a physician who had some very good insights on how the brain may regulate blood sugar, and got some comments as to how we’re not to listen to anything this quack has to say, and he’s a quack because he dares to recommend a low carb diets for cancer patients.  Ironically these are people who are on low carb for diabetes, but when it comes to cancer, one must not even speak of anything other than the conventional treatments, including even suggesting that a diet may even help, even when it makes perfect sense to think this.

There is no disease that is so jealously protected than cancer, and the people behind this make the Mafia look like a gang of kids on the street corner.  This is especially true in the United States, where big medicine has a stranglehold on treating the disease, and anyone who deviates from their methods of treatment will be thrown in jail, have their labs burned down, and run out of the country.

They often will start by looking to bribe you though, and several people have had offers to buy out their treatment method by national agencies, but ended up deciding not to sell when they found out that the agencies did not plan on using the methods, they just wanted them out of the way, so that they would not interfere with the spending on conventional treatments.  So they left the country instead and so that people’s lives would continue to be saved.

There’s no real focus on prevention, and when you get it, they will treat it in a way that will often kill it off for now but make sure it comes back much more fiercely later, and that’s a big bonus because you get to do it all again with the person, and have them spend all that money again.

Cancer and metabolic disease have risen hand in hand, and cancer is a metabolic disease as well, and high insulin plays a founding role in these disease, but as long as you keep the people in the dark then all is well, profit graphs will just continue to go up and up, it’s a bull market for illness that’s for sure.

There’s a brand of toilet paper here which donates a portion of their profits, a very small one, to the cancer society. My wife won’t buy it because of concerns of cruelty to animals, and of course with cancer research they do use lab animals.  My concern is due to cruelty to humans, and there is a lot of cruelty going on, people just aren’t aware of it.

This is an interesting topic and perhaps the best series on this that has ever been done is one called The Truth About Cancer, and Ty Bollinger has opened a lot of people’s eyes on this, and he’s got a website as well.  This is a site well worth checking out for people not familiar with it.  He does need to focus more on the role of the diet though, and he does seem to get that it plays a role but doesn’t seem to appreciate how much, and it’s a huge, huge influencer.

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