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Dr. Rosedale points out that the treatment for cardiovascular disease (CVD) always involves cholesterol lowering medication and these medications are ubiquitous these days for anyone who is seen as either having CVD or even being at risk for it.  Diabetics are certainly included in the higher risk category, all things being equal, and that means not being treated effectively for the condition.

We don’t bother looking to address the cause because that’s not what so called modern medicine does, look to treat the cause, of anything really, and so what they do instead is give you drugs that are associated with some of the things that are correlated with a disease, like high cholesterol and CVD.

So all they know is that people with CVD tend to have high cholesterol as well, high blood lipids in general actually, no one is concerned about even looking for a causal relationship here, and the fact that we’ve shown that there isn’t one doesn’t bother them.

More and more people are becoming hip to this and are coming to realize the truth that there are no real benefits to these drugs, although there are some significant harms that result from taking them.  Medications are supposed to be prescribed based upon the benefits outweighing the risks, the complications, and here we have no benefits, just the complications.

One of the issues that result from taking cholesterol medications is that they deplete CoQ10, which is very important to a lot of processes, especially  in energy production, and in particular, cardiovascular health.

A few doctors will tell you about this and the need to make sure that you supplement with Q10 if you are on this stuff but for the most part this isn’t mentioned, by either the prescribing physicians, your pharmacist, or the drug companies.

It’s not that the damage that this causes is in any sense unestablished, as we know for certain that this happens and we also know that this does have a significant negative effect on one’s health.  So why aren’t we told?  Did you think these people are put in a position to help us?  Sadly, the answer is no, the goal is to maximize the sales of the medications, anything that gets in the way is just kept under wraps as much as possible.

Even if there is a mountain of evidence to show that even malpractice is involved, well a lot of people haven’t heard about it so you can still take advantage of most and look to keep sales up, which is clearly the singular goal, profits.  If too many lawsuits emerge and it later becomes more cost effective to take a drug off the market, they will do so, it’s always a matter of the bottom line though, and the bottom line isn’t outcomes, our health, it’s profits.

Q10 by the way is one of the very best things you can take for heart health, but instead of us benefiting from more, we end up with less with these drugs.  That’s going in the wrong direction, and given that high cholesterol is a symptom and not a cause of all this, we’re barking up the wrong tree as well.

As it turns out, both hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease’s primary cause is something else, a third factor, and guess what, it’s high insulin.  If they can keep both doctors and patients from knowing this though, then this works beautifully, people are kept sick and get sicker and sicker and more and more profits are made.

This is not a conspiracy theory by the way, there is no other reasonable conclusion other than the science being kept out of the pubic eye, and no one is interested in treating a condition that consists of lifestyle changes, diet and supplements, there’s no real money in looking to get people to control their insulin levels, and even the food industry are on their side here, wanting to keep their sales of carby foods rolling, and just about all food these days would be either off limit or would need to be consumed in much more  moderation if we took this seriously.

There is a strong movement afoot though that has been spawned by the internet where people are looking into these things a lot more and are being surprised by all the things they haven’t been told.  Ron Rosedale has been a pioneer in this effort, speaking about all this long before it became viral,  and he certainly deserves a lot more recognition than he normally gets, which is one of the goals of this series.

Another of Dr. Rosedale’s areas of focus, and perhaps the one he’s most famous for, is his promotion of calorie restriction and the role it’s been shown to play in longevity.  Now at least some of this is conflated with a reduction in carbohydrate intake, but it’s probably the case that we eat too much period, and fat is the only macronutrient that doesn’t raise insulin levels, so when you eat more you’re going to risk elevating your insulin more, and the amount of food intake in general is also going to affect your need to store these extra nutrients.

Dr. Rosedale points out that when we look at those who live a very long life, 100 years or more, there are a lot of things that are different about them, but the common thing that we find is that their insulin levels are low.  He believes that this is the key to a long healthy life and the science backs this view.

Dr, Rosedale’s treatment of all the conditions he has listed in this talk has had a singular goal, to look to reduce insulin levels towards more normal and healthy ones, and high insulin is behind so many things that this is a good idea and is also necessary in just about every instance of poor health and disease.

One of insulin’s main functions is to regulate lifespan, and the body isn’t designed to live forever, so there are things at work that place limitations upon it.  He feels that aging is a disease, and it sort of is, and high insulin plays a big role in accelerating this disease.  There are lots of reasons to think this is the case actually.

So add another disease to our list of diseases caused by excessive insulin levels.

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