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In addition to the severe diabetic with end stage cardiovascular disease, Dr. Rosedale provides several other examples from his practice that he has successfully treated by reducing the patients’ insulin levels.

Hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol and triglycerides, is a classic symptom of high insulin, and Dr. Rosedale mentions a patient who had extreme levels of both, with triglycerides at 2000 and a cholesterol level of 950.

These are both extremely high and a result of what was diagnosed as familial hyperlipidemia.  Doctors prescribe cholesterol lowering medications to a lot of people, even those with normal cholesterol, and of course they were treating this patient with this medication.  Even a lot of practitioners who see using these medicines as very harmful will still want them used in cases of familial hyperlipidemia due to the difficulty in managing it and the extreme lipid levels it produces, such as this case.

This gentleman was on the maximum dosage though and still had numbers this high, and was told to get his affairs in order, as they couldn’t help him.  He was lucky enough to see Dr. Rosedale, who took him off all his medications, changed his diet, and in a matter of weeks, both levels were under 200.

This patient wasn’t overweight by the way, he is described by Dr. Rosedale as being quite thin, and therefore dietary restriction would be the last thing his doctors would have suggested.  They are not taught what is behind hyperlidemia, although it only takes a modest knowledge of what is behind the condition to realize that it is excessive insulin levels which drive it.

In a nutshell, the reason why our cholesterol and triglycerides can run so high is that our livers can manufacture excessive amounts of these.  The medical profession stops right there though, and the reason is because this is the point where the condition can be monetized, given that there are drugs that inhibit this that can be given.

Now they set the bar way too low, and if you do that you can make the most money from these things, and they use these drugs to drive people toward the condition of hypolipidemia, which does cause a number of undesirable symptoms, deemed as side effects, and one of these is muscle wasting.  So your muscles become damaged because the body seeks to counter the effects of the medication, in addition to producing other undesirable results such as CoQ10 deficiency, which is no joke.

They could tell you to take supplemental CoQ10, which is a must, but this is seldom advised, as there’s no money in that, and if this makes the side effects worse, well all the better, because you can monetize this too, this just adds to the take.

Now the practitioners themselves aren’t really to blame here, they are basically ignorant, they just aren’t told anything about what goes on aside from what they need to know to do a lot of prescribing, the maximum amount.

Among the things that this patient had wrong with him when he came to see Dr. Rosedale is elevated creatine phosphokinase, and there was a question mark written on his lab report, they weren’t even sure why this was so high.  This illustrates how much in the dark that they keep physicians, as this gets elevated due to the muscle wasting that these drugs produce, and one of the muscles that gets wasted is the heart, ironically enough, since it’s the heart that these drugs are supposed to protect.

Getting back to the cause of this condition, in the presence of excess carbohydrates and elevated insulin levels, all this glucose has to go somewhere, and it is converted by the liver by way of insulin into fat, and the more carbohydrate, and the more insulin, the more fat gets created, which makes its way into the blood from there and you get hyperlipidemia.

So this seems pretty simple and it actually is, but telling people to quit eating too much carbohydrate, which also lowers their insulin levels, isn’t a good way to make billions of dollars, there’s no money in that at all actually, so this isn’t a strategy that is really ever used by conventional medicine.

Now it has come out that cholesterol levels don’t cause cardiovascular disease, but they are correlated with it, and as it turns out, this is because high insulin levels cause both high cholesterol and triglycerides, and heart disease as well, by way of damaging the epithelial cells of blood vessels.  Then this extra cholesterol accumulates in the damaged tissue, and they become hardened and clogged, as well as calcified, but it’s the insulin that is behind it all.

So in spite of the alleged extreme difficulty of treating this case, Dr. Rosedale was able to successfully treat him, by getting him on a diet that lowered his insulin levels.  That’s all he did, aside from taking him off these toxic medications.  That is all he needed though.

In the first example, his patient was near death due to such advanced cardiovascular disease that he was only given two weeks to live, and in fact this patient had recently been pronounced dead after a massive heart attack, and they managed to bring him back to life that time, but the expectation was that the next time they would not, and that was just around the corner.

They did want to do another bypass operation on him, and these operations cost anywhere from $70,000 to $200,000 and up, but they tell you, spend the money or die, they don’t tell you, lower your insulin, or in the case of this patient, get off those insulin injections plus lower your insulin by way of diet, but in this case that’s what saved this guy.

The only advice they had for this second patient was to prepare to die, and there was no more money to be made off of him, and things that don’t make any money like dietary control aren’t even on the table, and if they were, well this would drastically affect the profitability of the medical business, so that’s not the plan for sure.

Not every physician is on board with the corporate plan though, fortunately for these two patients.  However, the ravages of high insulin remains a well kept secret from all but a few conventional doctors, even though this information is readily available should one bother to look.

I have had a number of people tell me that I focus on high insulin too much, and that this is a hoax, but the evidence shows otherwise, and very clearly does, but when you ask them how much they have researched this, the answer is that they have not encountered any information about this at all, therefore it does not exist.

This is the reason why so few people know about this, they just haven’t encountered it, but more and more people these days are encountering it, from bothering to look.

Dr. Rosedale continues on with his examples of patients that he’s been able to help by lowering their insulin levels, which we’ll pick up in Part 4.

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