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Ron Rosedale, MD, has been preaching about the dangers of high insulin for so long on the internet that some even think he discovered this.  Dr. Rosedale is like the rest of us though, we just look at the science and let it speak to us. and the father of all this is actually Dr. Roger Unger who figured all this out more than 50 years ago.

Since then we’ve refined our understanding of the role insulin plays in modern disease and it’s at the very least a huge one, the biggest influence on it by far.  Dr. Rosedale rightly points out that ingested glucose plays a pretty big role as well, in itself, by way of the damage it causes cells through excess oxidation and glycation, but the biggest way it damages us is by the way it elevates insulin.

People look to the medical profession for answers but it’s very well known that the medical profession only pays attention to science that furthers their interests, which generally means ignoring the good science and looking to trump up a lot of junk science such as high cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease.  That’s one of the better known examples but this principle pervades everything that conventional medicine does.

When you take a step back and look at the situation with a clear mind, this becomes rather obvious, as it has to Dr. Rosedale, who uses the word “business” quite freely to describe the situation, and that’s exactly what it is, not on the practitioner level but on the overall management of it.

There are trillions of dollars on the line here and they do their very best to get people to spend more and more money on this so called care, and a big part of this strategy is to convince people that what has shown to be the right path by science is the wrong path, and their path, the one involving using their drugs and undergoing their expensive procedures, things that actually serve to harm us as well as cost us a lot of money, is the right way to go.

So if they can get us to not even question them, that’s the ideal situation, and for the most part this still is the case.  If someone disagrees with you, you just call them wrong, and if someone practicing medicine does, you just call them quacks, and you have trained the masses to quack right along with you, and you have their minds closed tight, brainwashed really.

Dr. Rosedale hits the nail on the head when he describes what is fundamentally wrong with conventional medicine, which is their treating symptoms rather than diseases, and when you do that, you end up easing the symptoms but make the underlying disease worse, because the symptoms are essentially the body’s attempt to heal itself.

He gives the example of sinus congestion being treated with a decongestant, and we know that the mucus here serves to help eliminate the virus, so if you do that the body is less equipped to deal with it, but that’s what we do, and patients feel better at the time and who cares what’s going on behind the scenes.

Another strategy of theirs is to dissuade people from using natural means to heal themselves, even things as simple as dietary management, and even diabetics are not told to eat to their disease, eat to their tolerance, and of course they are told to stay away from taking things that may actually help them, by treating the disease not the symptoms.

So we are told to eat diets that put our blood sugar up too much, and then we’re told only blood sugar matters, and are given medication to lower it temporarily, even though lowering blood sugar this way is a terrible idea and the underlying condition, the diabetes itself, gets worse and worse.

For this article I’m using one of Dr. Rosedale’s most famous talks from 1999, and while a lot of this is pretty standard fare these days, this was a pretty big deal back then, introducing a bunch of people to the topic.  There still are some insights in it that you rarely see these days being talked about, and this gives us an idea of just how much Dr. Rosedale stands out as a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

He starts out the lecture by describing his treatment of several patients who have come to him in desperation, like the gentleman who was told that unless he gets another bypass surgery he will not live more than two weeks.

He decided that he would rather die than undergo another one of these operations, so he signed himself out of the hospital, against medical advice, and made his way to Dr. Rosedale’s office.  Luckily for him he found one of the very few MDs at the time who understood that cardiovascular disease is caused by high insulin levels.

The gentleman was indeed that bad off and he could not walk more than a few feet without severe chest pain.  He was on over 100 units of insulin a day yet his blood sugar was running over 300.  He was on eight different other medications.  This is what happens when you just keep increasing someone’s insulin levels more and more and the high insulin not only stops working as far as lowering your blood sugar, it can take your life from heart disease, among other ways.

Dr. Rosedale got him off the insulin and all the other medications, and used low carb to bring his insulin down even further, to a healthy range, and the patient fully recovered, medication free.  He ended up starting an organization called Heart Support of America to look to help other cardiovascular patients escape the clutches of what he had to endure by promoting Dr. Rosedale’s approach of using dietary control to  address the ravages of high insulin levels.

This is really a battle between medical doctors who want to fill us with a bunch of medication that doesn’t work, and get us to eat a diet that makes us sick, versus someone like Ron Rosedale who simply recognizes that the approach needed is nothing fancy at all, just eating in a way that does not make us sick, a way that makes us healthy.

The results of this are pretty dramatic and Dr. Rosedale has helped people with many different conditions with this approach, by just changing their diet and getting them to take supplements instead of medications, things that support our recovery and our health in general rather than those that worsen our health.

This lecture is truly a classic and clearly deserves more than one post from me, so I’ll pick this all up in Part 2.

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