Diabetes Basics Part 14


We left off looking at how conventional medical thinking views diabetes as merely high blood sugar, and when they do look a little deeper into this, they think that peripheral insulin resistance is the problem.  I mentioned Dr. Jason Fung in the previous article and suggested that people who may be interested in learning more about what actually goes wrong with diabetes check out his videos on You Tube, but he’s also got a great site, which has lots of great information on diabetes.

Dr. Fung is a nephrologist who happened to open his eyes to what is really going on in the world of diabetes, the information is out there for those who just want to look, and open their minds a bit, and he has, and now has one of the best sites on the internet on managing metabolic disease.

I wanted to share with you a link to Dr. Fung’s latest blog post which is right down our alley, after I wrote the last segment of this one I decided to pay a visit to his site again to see what he’s been up to and I discovered this great article which happens to be saying the same things that we’re dealing with now in our series, that the problem isn’t peripheral insulin resistance, that’s part of the way the body deals with the real problem, too much insulin.

This article of his is well worth a read if you’re up to it, and he is the master of analogies, and uses another one here to explain why the problem is too much insulin.  All of us who understand this to be the case are in debt to Dr. Roger Unger, another medical doctor who was the pioneer in discovering the true hormonal basis for diabetes, and in the end it turned out to be both too much insulin and too much glucagon.

I did an entire series on the work of Dr. Unger which is located elsewhere on the site, and in spite of much of his discoveries happening decades ago, conventional medicine and much of conventional diabetes science continues to be driven by the myths that Dr. Unger has exposed so many years ago now.

So back to our task which is to look at what diabetes really is, in contast to Dr. Hite’s nursery school explanations in his FAQs.  The remark of his that stands out the most to me is his mentioning that type 2 diabetes is often initially controlled by diet and exercise, and this is the case if the diet and exercise, the diet in particular, isn’t well fashioned, and if you’re going to look to control type 2 diabetes by diet you better at least be shooting for the right diet.

So what sort of diet would control diabetes best?  Well the answer is a rather simple one, one that actually controls diabetes best, one that is fashioned to do so, one that we construct with treating diabetes or high blood sugar in mind.

As it turns out, diets that best control high blood sugar end up controlling the disease of diabetes as well, because the things that put our blood sugar up a lot also increase our insulin levels a lot, and our diets of today, eating what we want and being this much out of control, certainly do that.

So about 80% of the population has the disease of hyperinsulinemia these days, athough this isn’t diagnosed by the medical profession as they prefer to just ignore it, and they don’t have anything to prescribe for you anyway if they did pay attention, although there’s less they would prescribe to you that they do already if they did pay attention to this, for instance things that worsen hyperinsuinemia like insulin injecting or oral meds that increase it.

Hyperinsulinemia causes type 2 diabetes among other things, hyperinsulemia is still present in type 2 diabetics, and this accelerates the progression of the disease as well, so let’s make this worse, make our underlying disease worse, that about sums up conventional medicine’s approach right there.

Dr. Fung’s practice centers around recognizing this and using diet as a means to reduce hyperinsulinemia, and he has had a lot of success with this.  He treats both diabetics and those who just suffer from obesity, another manifestation of high insulin levels, and this is what happens when high insulin causes excess storage of nutrients in the cells.

He mentions in his article that we now estimate that over 50% of people now have either diabetes or pre-diabetes, and pre-diabetes is just a stop along the road to diabetes unless one changes their ways, and this condition is not only ignored by the medical profession, come back to me when you’re a full blown diabetic and then we’ll talk, but it doesn’t matter because they don’t have a clue how to treat either pre-diabetes or diabetes.

So diet may temporarily control this if the diet is not the right diet, but there are many who are very well controlled, with completely normal blood sugar, not temporarily but long term, since they have chosen the proper diet.  Dr. Hite isn’t fond of using diet to manage blood sugar too much though as we will see later in his presentation.

If you own stock in one of the big pharmaceutical companies, you may be delighted to learn that the incidence of diabetes continues to explode, we’re at the stage where the majority of the population now has a disease of broken glucose regulation, but there’s a whole lot less money to be made if people just go and change their diets and manage it that way, or manage it better, so let’s do our best to keep them off that track, and therefore we’ll have our trained monkeys in the health care profession seek to continue to discourage people from helping themselves too much this way.

Fortunately, the magic of the internet has made a ton of information available to folks, and many are going off and learning the truths about diabetes, and what they are learning from people like Dr. Fung and others is a different tale indeed.  Most impressively, these new thinkers have actual science as well as common sense behind their ideas, where conventional thinking has neither, but when people are brainwashed, none of this is required.

There is a whole community of people who use the internet to look to enlighten people about the harm that high insulin causes, and I’m proud to try to do my part but I don’t want people to think this is just my ideas, sure I do think about this a lot more than most, as does Dr. Fung, as does the number of other people on the internet that get all this, but it’s really all about opening our minds here and not just swallowing what we are told whole and without question.

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