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More than a few diabetics who have at least a decent understanding of how carbs affect our blood sugar and our bodies as a whole shake their heads at the medical community, who insist that we embrace carbs and look to limit the other two macronutrients.  This is a topic that a lot needs to be said about, but I’ll start this topic off by looking at what the hell they could be thinking when they recommend this.

It’s pretty clear that carbohydrates raise blood sugar, because as they are digested, they are converted to glucose, and then that gets sent to the blood, and that’s what blood sugar is, blood glucose.  So eating carbs puts up your blood sugar, no doubt.

So what disease do we have again?  It might seem silly to ask this, but these people need to ask themselves this question.  Do we have high blood sugar?  Are we not looking to treat high blood sugar?  So when we look to treat high blood sugar, shouldn’t something like eating a lot of carbs which put it up too much, and especially when we can test and see this happening, matter to us?

It does unless we are either idiots or very confused.  I’m going to give the community the benefit of the doubt here and assume that it’s just that they are very confused, although there’s certainly a strong element of a lack of intelligence that is involved as well, and perhaps even some brainwashing as well, actually brainwashing is definitely involved here, as these are generally fairly intelligent people who probably would have not come to such stupid conclusions if they didn’t get some help that way.

There is talk about how our bodies need a certain amount of carbohydrates, and this is where they got their recommendations, and these recommendations apply to all of us it seems, diabetic or not.  So if it’s recommended that someone get a serving of peanuts a day and if someone is allergic to peanuts, should they also get that serving?

We have a disease and that disease, among other things, is a disease of carb intolerance, meaning that the amount of carbs that normal people can handle and have normal blood sugar puts our blood sugar anywhere from a little high to super high, depending on the extent of our glucose intolerance.

So if we’re going to ignore our condition and drive our blood sugar up, we better have a real good reason for doing that.  Being able to manage our blood sugar with ever increasing amounts of medication is not a good reason by the way.  This is like saying it’s OK to beat your head against the wall because we have pain medication we can give you for it.

It’s quite clear that while we do need a certain amount of carbohydrates, it’s not a large amount, and we can get at least some of the glucose that we need from protein, which doesn’t raise blood sugar anywhere near as much as carbs do.  Our livers can also make plenty and in fact a normal person can go months without eating and be fine, because the liver does the work here, and as diabetics our livers are particularly good at doing this in fact, to pathological proportions.

Whatever the ideal amount of carbs is for a diabetic, it’s not 300 grams a day, and we may even wonder if non diabetics should be consuming this much.  When we look at how much obesity there is these days, and the fact that too many carbs leads to too high insulin levels, leading to both insulin resistance and obesity, and perhaps even to diabetes itself in time, well we need to rethink our carb intakes with everyone actually.

The main argument for high carb for diabetics though is that too much fat and protein is worse for us.  For instance, an article on Web MD which was supposed to be telling the story of a study which showed low carb diets are preferable for diabetics, they later say that we need to worry about high fat diets causing cardiovascular disease or high protein diets causing kidney disease, and diabetics are prone to both they say.

They sure are, but why do you think that they are?  From poor blood sugar control from too many carbs.  Poor glycemic control causes these complications actually.  Too much protein doesn’t cause kidney disease, I can’t believe they said that, although if you do have kidney disease, well now you may have to watch your intake, or if you are a diabetic you can watch your intake now and substitute carbs for protein and and fat and make it more likely to get kidney disease.

High fat diets only increase cardiovascular disease when accompanied by high carb, but everyone pretty much is on high carb, but it’s actually the carbs that do us in here, by promoting excess insulin secretion which is inflammatory, to be more specific.  So if you do this and eat a high fat diet too, the high fat actually will try to heal you, the cholesterol actually, and so they measure cholesterol levels with CVD and see they are higher, as the body is trying to heal, so they say let’s blame eating fat, which has little to do with cholesterol levels anyway, not that the cholesterol was the problem anyway.

So they think that protein and fat are greater evils, the fact is that they aren’t even evils, but too many carbs sure is.



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