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The medical community is obsessed with cholesterol, and that's actually an understatement.  Pretty much everyone knows that cholesterol is bad and causes heart disease, and we not only have to restrict our intake of this, we also need to take drugs to reduce the body's manufacture of cholesterol, and most of our cholesterol comes from this process actually, they want all diabetics on statin drugs now and some want everyone to take this, even babies, there's talk of even putting this in our water supply like they do fluoride, another poison by the way.

Thankfully, that will probably never happen, we sure hope not actually, I wouldn't even want to wash my hands with this by the way.  The drug companies aren't quite powerful enough to pull this off I don't think, but they sure have done a number on our society otherwise.

So we're on low fat high carb diets now generally and a lot of people are on statins as well, they are both extremely unhealthy and if you are looking to give yourself heart disease well this is a perfect way to do it actually.

The fact that this view about cholesterol is a myth is fairly well known though among people who actually go out and try to find some info about this and not just listen to what the allopathic medical community tells them, but these folks pretty much own the popular media and do a great job at spreading this misinformation.

So generally, when people get diagnosed with diabetes, they are told to pay even closer attention to this, now you're at even more risk of cardiovascular disease, really watch your fat and cholesterol intake, here's some meds for you as well to keep your body from making this.

I found a really good article on this today and I want to throw out a link to it because I think it's something everyone should read if you're not familiar with just how bad this advice is.

Cholesterol is actually essential, and that's why our livers make so much of it, and we didn't evolve to make these amounts because they are not needed.  Sure, there are a few people who make way too much, but instead of looking to cut that down we instead need to try to figure out why the body has the need to do this, the high cholesterol is likely an adaptation to something else actually.

One of the big things cholesterol does by the way is to allow us to use this to make the proper amount of hormones that the body needs, and messing around with hormone production and causing deficiencies is surely not a good way to promote health.

So with heart disease, and specifically with the formation of arterial plaque, science has taught us quite a bit about this, but allopathic medicine is not known to pay attention to science, it is not an evidence based approach at all, it is instead based on some short sighted and rather stupid guesses, and their view on cholesterol is yet another of these.

What happens is that the arterial walls get injured, and inflammation plays a big role in this and especially inflammation from excess insulin levels, which people get actually by following their low fat high carb diet, the same one they want diabetics on by the way, in spite of this also making our diabetes worse.

So the body will attempt to heal these injuries and one of the ways it does this is to form plaques, and when you look at what these plaques contain, one of the things in there is cholesterol.  So this stuff is actually trying to prevent further damage to the arteries, let's get that out of there though, and this idea has been compared to having a wound and removing the bandage and thinking the bandage is the problem.

So one of the things that happens is that the body needs to turn to something to try to protect itself, and another thing it uses is calcium, so more calcium ends up being laid on to protect the arteries, and too much of this definitely further hardens the arteries, which is not what we want at all, in fact we need to make sure we get enough vitamin K2 which very few people pay attention to, in order to prevent excess calcification of our arteries.

All the while though the condition causing this remains unaddressed, and it's been shown that high levels of insulin is a big thing behind this, and what does a high carb diet do?  Well it raises insulin excessively.  What does a low fat diet do?  It limits the protection we get from these fats.  Then we give people meds to make sure they are even less protected, this is a recipe for disaster really.

So this diet raises our blood sugar levels and our insulin levels and both are harmful to the cardiovascular system in excess, that's what they want us though, and shockingly, even if we are diabetic and carb intolerant and also generally suffer from too high insulin levels to begin with, and diabetics are already more prone to cardiovascular disease, and the approach is actually to help that along as best they can.

There's lots of good things that you can do to actually protect yourself from this stuff, restricting carbs is the main one though, that's the cornerstone really, but the real problem here is inflammation and there are also some things you can take to help the body deal with that, but if you are eating too many carbs and especially grains, well this is a pro inflammatory diet, it also promotes high insulin which is also pro inflammatory in excess, this is not what we want at all though.

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