The Big Diabetes Lie

diabetes lie

I want to touch on what is a central theme on this site as well as a central theme in the conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes, if we can even call it a treatment.  This is certainly an instance where quotation marks need to be used, as in “treatment,” unless you think that it’s a good idea to do things like treat a heroin addiction by giving someone even stronger dosages of heroin.

I talk a lot about this on this site, and that’s because it’s such a big deal and unless we get this rather simple distinction, we will be headed down the path to hell.

Here’s the simple distinction.  Type 1 diabetes is a condition of insulin deficiency.  Type 2 diabetes is a condition of insulin excess.

That all seems simple enough, and it’s not even anything that anyone could argue about, other than if they are ignorant, but sadly most people are, especially those who people rely on for expertise on this subject, so called medical professionals.

I use the term so called not to question whether they are professional or not, but when we use the term medical this is supposed to refer to medicine, and if you look that term up in the dictionary there’s supposed to be some benefit conveyed here, something that is supposed to treat a condition or disease successfully, something that is supposed to help us.

So what do you think happens when we take people who have a disease of toxic levels of insulin and then look to raise them higher?  Well it’s a rather sad story, which we call the natural progression of diabetes, but we really need to call it the medically induced accelerated progression of diabetes.

This is worse than doing nothing actually, although people left to their own resources will get themselves into big trouble anyway as a general rule, as patients do quite well at escalating their insulin levels over time anyway.  Of course if you intentionally do this, adding to the escalation, you will speed up their deterioration.

What is perhaps most shocking is how society in general has been dumbed down to the extent that they do not even question conventional medical practices unless they are obtusely wrong.  In other words, there are instances where they aren’t fooled, a certain drug killing too many people for instance, with too many lawsuits, and that gets lots of media coverage.

However they are easily fooled and when it comes to raising insulin, it’s real easy to fool people, because you will see a temporary benefit, lower blood sugar.  Insulin lowers blood sugar of course, it’s the hormone that is responsible for that, and if you give someone insulin, in almost all cases their blood sugar will go down.

This seems like a good idea, but too much insulin is what is wrong with us, the fact that we need much more than the average person does have some serious consequences, and one of them, but only one, is diabetes.

As the levels of this hormone increase, it causes a number of negative health consequences, and we normally think of insulin resistance as the big one, although that’s not even the case, as cellular toxicity is the real culprit, and insulin resistance is just one of the effects of that.

So insulin drives things into cells, and when it’s too high, too much is driven into cells, toxic levels, both glucose and fat, leading to glucotoxicity and lipotoxicity.  Of course this is what makes us fat as well, too much is being stored, period.

So we start out needing more and more insulin to maintain normal blood sugar, and it keeps going up and up, and finally the damage to our cells is too great and these high levels are no longer able to control blood sugar.  As time goes on and the damage gets greater, we need more and more insulin and lose control more and more.

So all you have to do is keep raising insulin to do your best to control high blood sugar, right?  Well no, that just makes things even worse.  We end up with escalating levels of toxicity, and the main problem is that, not the high blood sugar, the reason we get damage from diabetes isn’t from blood sugar, it’s what happens when too much of it goes into our cells, both sugar and fat, and especially fat actually.

So this is why I mentioned a stronger form of heroin, because that’s what using insulin in a type 2 diabetic amounts to, the poisoning increases and the damage progresses.  Now high blood sugar does correlate with certain types of damage, so they’ll look at things like people getting more damage correlating with higher blood sugar, and say there you go, this helps, but the problem is that over time this treatment does not even work in controlling blood sugar, which is the biggest lie of all.

Later on when the shit really hits the fan, they just tell you, well that’s diabetes, we did what we could, and they even believe it.  This is because this is how they were trained, as professional medication dispensers, and the same holds true for other so called diabetes educators, who weren’t shown even a bit of the science here other than some cooked up stuff designed specifically to sell more meds.

They don’t even want you eating to your disease, because that would mean less meds, that’s not the plan here at all.  There are lots of diabetics online who rail at conventional thinking when it comes to diet but miss the fact that it all fits into the same grand plan, all the advice you’d get from these people.

This is all both sad and funny, and the funny element is that they are seen as experts in the field, people that ordinary folks go to in order to get help and who also are willing to put their lives in the hands of these people, including treating their diabetes.

So what sort of training do doctors have with diabetes?  Well they do get some, but really just what is required, which is limited to interpreting blood glucose and A1C tests along with prescribing protocols.  That’s pretty much what they know about everything, here’s what you give for this condition, and if you prescribe our quota we have some goodies for you.

This is all unabashed corruption, but is tolerated because that’s how strong the political lobby is.  They have everything locked up, including the legal system, especially that, where if someone does not follow their protocols, they get in real trouble, and even doctors can go down for this if they aren’t careful.

So let’s get back to the big question, do we have too little or too much insulin?  Well there’s one way to decide this, test us.  When we do, we see a whole different picture than the one they paint.  They say our beta cells have lost capacity, and they have, but what is left is more than enough to produce toxic levels of insulin, so what would lead them to believe that lack of insulin secretion is the bloody problem?

They say though, watch out for that high blood sugar, although no one will say that high blood sugar is healthy, and over time that does need to be addressed, not because it’s unhealthy to have excess sugar in your blood, but because when too much is in the blood, you then get too much in the cells, by way of too much insulin by the way.

So we need to look into what’s really wrong here, what’s behind this high blood sugar, and when we do then we see that type 2 diabetes is really just a symptom of the broader disease of high insulin, which is an epidemic these days.

So if your insulin is too high, and this is something we can easily measure if we cared to, then there’s only one sensible approach, to look to lower it, not raise it.  Raising it when it is already too high is incredibly stupid.

We also need to look to try to repair the damage that high insulin has had on us for all those years, and it usually takes decades of it to get to the point where you’re a diabetic, so this is no small task, but one that only happens when we actually address it, not make the situation worse, in spite of how popular an idea that may be.


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