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Cinnamon is actually a pretty good anti diabetic remedy even though I haven’t talked about it much on here thus far.  I want to do more articles on supplements as that seems to be what my readers are most interested in, although it’s not hard to imagine why, they are looking for advice that they can really use.

Cinnamon does stand out as one of the best things you can take for diabetes actually.  If we’re talking about something good for diabetes, we have to start by talking about its effects on blood sugar lowering, that’s what people tend to be most interested in.

I do want to point out though, before I go into that, that short term blood sugar lowering isn’t the be all and end all of anti diabetic medications, and if so, well the prescription stuff would do fine, and maybe even be the best things you can take.

The pharmaceutical industry sure wants you to think this, but in the end, these medications all fail because they go against the body, and instead of assisting it to get well, to improve the actual disease or diseases behind all this, they just provide temporary relief, much like a painkiller would.  If you don’t address and fix the source of the pain though, it won’t go away, and in fact it may come back stronger than ever.

When our blood sugar rises, there is a reason behind it, a good one actually, and with diabetes we know that we are insulin resistant and that’s what’s behind our high blood sugar.  So if we put it down for a while and end up worsening our insulin resistance as a result, we’re just going to get worse, and that’s exactly what happens with conventional treatment of diabetes.

What we need instead is to look to heal the body, to fix what is wrong, and see our blood sugar go down over time as a result of this, seeing it go down naturally so to speak.  This is why natural remedies like cinnamon take time to work.

So now let’s look at a study with cinnamon and type 2 diabetes.  This particular study, conducted with 60 subjects, only ran 40 days, and that’s not a long time for a trial like this to run, but let’s see what happened anyway.

Subjects were given 1, 3, pr 6 grams of cinnamon per day for the 40 days.  All three dosages of cinnamon were effective, and glucose levels were reduced by 18-29%.  LDL cholesterol levels also dropped, by 7-27%, and triglycerides were lowered by 23-30%.

These results are certainly impressive and the drop in triglycerides is also noteworthy, because excess triglycerides cause insulin resistance.

Cinnamon appears to work by improving insulin sensitivity actually, which is exactly what we want, and in doing so can turn down our insulin levels and produce a drop in triglycerides, which in turn improves insulin resistance further.  So this is a very wise and healthy way to manage diabetes indeed.

Type 2 diabetics, as well as people suffering from metabolic syndrome generally, are characterized by both high insulin levels and high triglyceride levels.  This is because insulin is what we use to convert glucose to fat, by way of lipogenesis, and when we have too much insulin, we get too much lipogenesis, and this causes insulin resistance as well as the poisoning of the alpha cells in our pancreas which is what is behind the high blood sugar we get with this disease.

So anything that can turn this down, normalize it, is going to help us, and this is how bergamot works as well, which is even better at reducing the amount of fat in our blood.  It does so by not inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in the liver as statins do, but by addressing the metabolic defects at the source, by looking to lower insulin levels basically.

People that think that type 2 diabetics benefit from raising their insulin levels further are going to be in for a rude surprise, as this makes things worse, that’s taking what is wrong with us and making it worse on purpose, and while we can be tricked into thinking that we are on the right path initially, the piper will be paid in time, and his price just keeps going up as we proceed along this path to more and more illness.

Cinnamon also has a number of other benefits, some of which may contribute to an improvement of the diabetic condition as well.  It’s a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, one of the best things you can take for this actually, and these are two things diabetics in particular are in need of, as high blood sugar produces both excessive oxidation and inflammation, and inflammation is a big part of the downhill cascade that we get when we don’t take care of ourselves.

Cinnamon also both strengthens the immune system and modulates it, meaning that you both are better protected against pathogens such as bacteria, as well as making it less likely that your immune system will turn on you and produce autoimmunity.  Autoimmunity is a huge deal these days actually, especially from the explosion of leaky gut syndrome which allows all sorts of things into our blood that don’t belong.

Cinnamon actually prevents and treats leaky gut which explains why it is so good against autoimmunity.

Because it lowers excessive lipid levels, cinnamon is also good for the cardiovascular system.  It also protects the brain, especially from risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but it also has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.

A lot of the benefits of cinnamon lies in its ability to prevent excessive levels of a number of things which are unhealthy in excess, things that promote a lot of inflammation, such as TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-8, NF-kB, and more, some of which are associated with the incidence of cancer, and cinnamon has been shown to be cancer protective in fact.

So cinnamon is a real star when it comes to things that we can take to help ourselves as diabetics, and is something that everyone can benefit from actually.

The preferred way to take this is in the extract form, and taking a lot of cassia cinnamon isn’t a great idea actually, due to its blood thinning properties.  Taking it in extract form though gets around this problem and you can take 3 grams worth of cinnamon in just a small, 150 mg capsule of extract.

If something can do all this and reduce one’s blood sugar by around a quarter, that makes it a pretty tempting choice indeed, and is one of nature’s great remedies for type 2 diabetes to be sure.

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4 Comments on “Benefits of Cinnamon for Diabetes

    1. Jeremy, I take a lot of things, it would be a long list. Some of the things I really like for diabetes though are cinnamon, berberine, gynostemma, R-ALA, black seed, seabuckthorn, creatine, milk thistle, benfotiamine, bergamot, and vanadium.

  1. Thoughts on Ceylon cinnamon vs Cassia cinnamon?
    Also on the dosage you mention – is that 150 mg once a day, or before or after a meal, or? Thank you for the great information!

    1. Cassia in large amounts, of the actual spice, therapeutic amounts really, isn’t so healthy due to its coumarin content. It’s cassia that you tend to find in supplements though since it’s much cheaper, although you can buy capsules of ceylon as well. If you’re using it as a spice though, ceylon is the way to go for sure. I take cassia extract which is 150 mg at 20:1 which is equivalent to 3000 mg of the whole spice. This allows me to get a very good dosage without being concerned with too much coumarin, and is also easy to take, these are tiny capsules and you can take 4 no problem with a single gulp of water. I don’t think it makes any difference when you take it, and the benefits of it are cumulative, meaning you have to take it for a while to notice much, but that’s the case with most supplements.

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