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Welcome To Understanding Type 2 Diabetes
Why This All Matters
Worrying About Blood Sugar
Insulin Resistance
The Glucose Factory
Before The Beginning
Keeping an Open Mind
 Insulin Testing
How Conventional Medicine Views Diabetes
What's Normal Blood Sugar?
Testing For Diabetes
Diabetes Risks, Control, And Values
How To Mess Up A Diabetic Diet
Eating To Your Meter
Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms
Diabesity And Insulin Part 2
The Pathogenesis of Diabetes
Macronutrient Management With Diabetes
Carb Restriction And High Fat
Fructose And Diabetes
Using The Scale As A Tool
Antibiotic Abuse And Diabetes
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 2
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 5
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 8
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 11
To Fast Or Not To Fast
Are You A Diabetic Sheeple?
SGLT2 Inhibitors: Behind the Curtain
Is Insulin Not to Blame for Fat Storage?
Diabetes and Salt Restriction
Being Diagnosed With Diabetes
If It Really Worked, We'd All Be Taking It
Glucagon, Insulin, and High FFA
Hyperinsulinemia and Fatty Liver
High Protein Diets
Oxidative Stress and Diabetic Complications
Insulin Resistance with Dr. Robert Maki
Strength Coach on Insulin
Medical Doctors and Supplements
Blood Sugar Over 140 and Beta Cells
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Part 1
Metabolic Hormones Part 2
Diabetes and Nutritional Deficiencies
Maybe We Should Prevent Potassium Deficiency?
Type 2 Diabetes and Pancreatic Fat
Why Our Blood Sugar Wants To Be Too High
Did You Say Insulin? Sorry I'm a Type 2
Some Thoughts on Diet and Micronutrients
Type 2 Diabetes in a Nutshell
Salt Your Way to Health?
Does Insulin Really Cause Weight Gain?
Green Coffee and Diabetes
Persistently High Blood Sugar
Black Seed for Diabetes 
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 1
Benefits of AMPK Activation for Diabetics
Diet, Medication, and Diabetes
Insulin, Amylin, and Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Basics Part 4
Diabetes Basics Part 7
Diabetes Basics Part 10
Diabetes Basics Part 13
Diabetes Basics Part 16
Diabetes Basics Part 19
Diabetes Basics Part 22
Diabetes Basics Part 24
Diabetes Basics Part 26
Diabetes Basics Part 29
Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Secretion
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 4
Benefits of Cinnamon for Diabetes
Serotonin, Melatonin, 5-HTP, and Diabetes
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 8
What Reversing Diabetes Really Means
LA-3 and AMPK Activation
The Role of the Kidneys in Diabetes
TZDs: A Fabulous Idea If You Are Confused
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 1
More Dr. Oz on Diabetes
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insuliln Part 5
What A Website Thinks T2 Diabetes Is
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 7
Thyroid and Adrenal Problems
Infection, Biofilm, and Diabetes
Wiki's Hyperinsulinemia Part 2
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 8
Intermittent Fasting and Diabetes
What The Heck Is Diabetes Anyway?
Playing Follow The Leader
Time Frames for Measuring Blood Sugar
Insulin's Arch Enemy
What Does This Mean For Our Blood Sugar?
Insulin Rising
Does Insulin Really Cause Insulin Resistance?
Thyroid Hormonal Balance And Diabetes
What Should Our Blood Sugar Actually Be?
Blood Sugar Testing
What They Really Didn't Tell You About Diabetes
Fat, Protein, And Carbohydrate
Testing Out Foods With Diabetes
Calories And Obesity
Diabesity And Insulin Part 3
The Cornerstone Of Diabetes Treatment
How Low Carb Should You Go?
Considerations In Lower Carb and Diabetes
Progression Of Diabetes
Timeframes In Diabetes Management
Carb Intolerance Is Just A Symptom
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 3
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 6
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 9
Phase 1 Insulin Response
Does Insulin Resistance Protect Us?
Worrying Too Much About Blood Sugar Spikes
The Proper Prevention of Diabetic Damage
GAD, GABA, and the Pancreas
Stephen Guyanet and the Calorie Theory
Diabetes and Impaired Blood Flow
Too Much Glucose In the Blood Maybe?
Insulin Actually Reduces Glucose Uptake
Adiponectin, Visceral Fat, and Lipolysis
Microvascular and Macrovascular Complications
Cholesterol, Inflammation, and Insulin
Insulin Levels are the Key to Everything
Dr. Zajicek's Take on Diabetes
Who Are The Real Quacks?
Protein, Blood Sugar, and Low Carb
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Part 2
Metabolic Hormones Part 3
Are Diabetic Complications Inevitable?
The Agony of GLP-1 Agonists
A Look at the Role of Potassium in Diabetes
Importance of Staying Hydrated with Diabetes
The Correct Use of Insulin With Type 2 Diabetes
There's No Evidence, Because We Haven't Looked
More on Berberine and Type 2 Diabetes
Turmeric and Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes and Saturated Fat
Systemic Candida, Dysbiosis, and Diabetes
Creatine to Lower Blood Sugar
Diabetes and HGH
It's the Insulin, Stupid, Part 2
Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Do High Fat Diets Worsen Diabetes?
Diabetes Basics Part 2
Diabetes Basics Part 5
Diabetes Basics Part 8
Diabetes Basics Part 11
Diabetes Basics Part 14
Diabetes Basics Part 17
Diabetes Basics Part 20
Diabetes Basics Part 23
Diabetes Basics Part 25
Diabetes Basics Part 27
Diabetes Basics Part 30
Doing Battle Against Nature
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 5
The Real Truth About Insulin Resistance
The "Real Food" Fetish
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 9
Hyperinsulinemia vs. Hypoinsulinemia
AMPK and Weight Loss
Hunger, Grehlin, Leptin, and Insulin
Dr. Ted Naiman and Low Carb
Dr. Oz and Randy Jackson Talk Diabetes
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 3
WebMD's Best Food For Diabetes
How We Get Confused By Blood Sugar
Negative Consequences of Insulin Therapy
Insulin Resistance Vs. Hyperinsulinemia
Leptin and Type 2 Diabetes
Wiki's Hyperinsulinemia Part 3
Olive Leaf Extract and Diabetes
We Can Indeed Make Our Own Insulin
Type 2 Diabetes
Is It Really All About Blood Sugar?
The Diabetes Blame Game
Other Hormones That Raise Blood Sugar
Did We Do This To Ourselves?
The Diabetes Continuum
Is High Insulin A Good Predictor Of Diabetes?
Being Diagnosed With Diabetes
Sweeping the Dirt Under the Rug
Going From Diabetic To Non Diabetic
More On Testing Blood Sugar
Why Do Medical Authorities Discourage Testing?
You Don't Look So Bad, Here's Another
Myths About Saturated Fat
Diabesity And Insulin Part 1
Hyperinsulinemia Vs. Hyperglycemia
Grains, Inflammation, And Diabetes
Low Carb And Thyroid Function
High Glucose, High Insulin, And Fat
Lowering The Renal Threshold
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 1
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 4
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 7
The Heart Of Diabetes Part 10
Why Our Phase 1 Insulin Is Diminished
A Little About Myself, I Guess
Choosing Between Evils With Macronutrients
Can Diabetes Be Reversed?
Low Carb and Low Insulin
The Placebo Effect: Please Please Me
Things That Happen When You Give Up Grains
Does Big Pharma Want a Cure for Diabetes?
AMPK, Metformin, Berberine, and Gynostemma
Diabetes UK Carb Restriction Debate
Loss of Beta Cell Mass vs. Function
Dr. Eric Berg and Blood Sugar
High Insulin Goes Mainstream
High Blood Sugar Levels and Damage
Qualified Medical Practitioners
Metabolic Hormones Part 1
Dealing With Diabetes, Their Way
Dr. Jonathan Wright On Berberine vs. Metformin
Diet and Liver Dumping
The Problem With Allopathic Medicine
Dealing With Experimental Bias
Things We Can Learn From Insulin Resistance
Cave Man Reasoning
Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally
Dr. Jason Fung and Insulin Resistance
The Big Diabetes Lie
Let Thy (Extracts) Be Thy Medicine
Homeostasis vs. Allostasis
AMPK and Type 2 Diabetes
It's The Insulin, Stupid Part 3
Diabetes Basics Part 1
Diabetes Basics Part 3
Diabetes Basics Part 6
Diabetes Basics Part 9
Diabetes Basics Part 12
Diabetes Basics Part 15
Diabetes Basics Part 18
Diabetes Basics Part 21
Gynostemma and Type 2 Diabetes
Carnitine, Heart Disease, and Diabetes
Diabetes Basics Part 28
Diabetes Basics Part 31
Diabetes, Relative Risk, and Absolute Risk
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 6
The Dangers of Blood Sugar Management
It's The Insulin, Stupid, Part 7
The Real Reason Our Blood Sugar Is High
Incretin Drugs and Type 2 Diabetes
The Myths of Weight Loss
Adiponectin, Insulin, Obesity, and Diabetes
Ketogenic Diet and Thyroid Hormones
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 2
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 4
Alleged Misconceptions About Diabetes
Dr. Ron Rosedale on Insulin Part 6
DHEA and Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes and the Aware Mind
Hyperinsulinemia According to Wiki
Wiki's Hyperinsulinemia Part 4
Digestion and High Blood Sugar