Are You A Diabetic Sheeple?







Sheeple is a new word that's a combination of sheep and people.  It involves following others without really thinking too much about what is going on.  We see a lot of this going on in the world, especially when it comes to people following the advice of allopathic medicine, also known as western medicine, conventional medicine, etc.

It isn't limited to them though and we have sheeples who follow alternative practitioners as well, like all the fans of Dr. Oz for instance.  If people just watch and show and just take the stuff, or go to websites and just blindly accept what is being told, that's being a sheeple as well.

I do think that allopathic medicine are a lot bigger wolves though, and blindly following them can lead to a lot more harm than following someone like Oz, the Supplement Wizard of Oz that is, but we don't want to blindly follow anyone, regardless.

Now the internet has seen a completely new day dawn as far as the information that is available to us, and how readily we can obtain it.  It used to be that all this medical stuff was way beyond the reach of the average person, but this is no longer the case.

So now we can go out and learn about things like diabetes, heart disease, or what have you, and look at all of the information on it from all sides and in whatever depth we choose, and then be put in a way, way better position to decide such things than we ever have  been able to in human history.

So it's a very exciting time, and while having diabetes isn't that thrilling to be sure, at least we can now go out and learn a lot about the disease, way more than your average doctor knows given that they really don't get much training on the disease at all other than how to prescribe meds, and this can be very empowering, and an empowerment that is absolutely required by the way.

On the darker side, most people still blindly follow the advice of medical authorities and practitioners, like the kids following the Pied Piper, or a herd of sheep going down the road.

So they give themselves over to these people completely, like one would do to a cult leader, and allopathic medicine is actually just like a cult, and a very powerful cult as well.  Those within the profession who dare to question it are branded as quacks, only the official doctrine can be used, and this is a doctrine that isn't really interested in the truth, only their version of it, which is most often mistaken to some degree, and often blatantly so.

We need to be particularly careful as well when we put our blind trust in an industry whose goal is to maximize profits.  Now individual practitioners may feel pretty altrustic, out to better the world, reduce suffering, whatever, but they are sheeples as well, puppets really, and if they cut off the strings too much they will be defrocked.

We need to judge the merits of something by its own merits, which does require both effort and courage, to have the courage to think for ourselves actually, and this is not something very many people like to do very much.

Don't just blindly follow authorities, at the very least don't be afraid to question them, and ultimately seek to become more of an authority yourself, which can only happen if you don't sell yourself short.

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