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I decided not to put up a bio page mainly due to not wanting this site to be about me, but instead about diabetes in general.  I write about my own condition more than enough elsewhere and I do have a form of diabetes that is particularly difficult to manage and one that isn't really that applicable to a lot of diabetics at least anyway, and while I have gained quite a few insights from it that are pretty applicable, this site isn't about me, it's about diabetes.

However I decided that there wouldn't be anything wrong with dedicating a blog post to saying a few things about myself anyway, so here goes.

I've had a passion for natural health approaches for about 35 years, way before I found out I had diabetes, which has only been for the past 2 1/2 years at the time of this writing, although it seems I did have it it during all this time and just didn't know it.  

I'm actually fairly confident of that though looking back, and although we often make nothing more than wild guesses about this, I do recall buying some urine strips merely out of curiosity about 30 years ago and testing positive for a little sugar in my urine, and thinking well no wonder considering how many sodas a day I drank than, as if this was too much to process and I was excreting some.

I had no symptoms though and didn't know about diabetes at all at the time, and in particular, didn't know that this is a certain diagnosis of diabetes, and in fact when you get over the renal threshold like this your blood sugar isn't just diabetic it's very high even for diabetics.

I found out later that my renal threshold is in the high 200's, or the 16's, depending on where you are from and which scale you use, so I had it bad all these years.  This doesn't come and go, you have it or you don't, and a single test like this is enough to diagnose it, and I was doing nothing to treat it, and eating the same diet basically that everyone tends to.

One day my feet got numb and painful and out of the blue I lost most of my feeling in them, this had me doing a little research, I discovered that this meant I probably had diabetes, I bought a meter and tested, and got a fasting of 20.4 or 367, and an A1C of 11.7, not good.

So that was back in February of 2013 and this set me on a passionate journey to not only figure out my own diabetes but to learn about diabetes in general.  This site is the outcome of that and my goal here is to share my thoughts about this, and while I want to focus on diabetes in general, I may do a few posts here and there about some insights on my own condition.

I knew very little about diabetes when I started, you need to restrict glucose sources, often people take meds for this, you try to keep your blood sugar reasonable, and there's some things that obviously must be going on in the background to mess you up, insulin resistance I guess, that's about it.

People without diabetes, or at least people who don't think they have it even though they do, which was the case for me, don't really pay attention to specific diseases, and it's only when you get one that you really start to look into it, and this was the case with me.

Oddly enough, in the few years prior to my diagnosis, I was taking some supplements that helped insulin resistance, as although I didn't have symptoms indicative of diabetes, I felt that I probably had some insulin resistance and wanted to manage that.  These supplements did make me feel better, simple things like general diabetes formulas, that should have tipped me off but there's no question I was in denial, just like I was all those years before with the glucose urine strips.

I've looked into diabetes a lot since, diabetes has become my passion actually, and the journey has been an interesting one, both in terms of what I've learned about myself so far and what I've learned about the disease in general, which is primarily based upon the work and insights of others but also include some of my own.

My background is actually in philosophy, not medicine or science, although I think the field of medicine could use a whole lot more philosophy and I'm more than eager to help with that.  I am able to master new things very quickly though from being blessed with a very sharp mind, and have been certified as an intellectual genius, and given that managing things like diabetes does involve quite a bit of reasoning, especially in navigating all the information out there on this very complex disease, and philosophy is to a large degree all about the application of correct reasoning, it's very relevant indeed.

Some folks in the diabetic community expressed some concerns about me putting up this website and perhaps corrupting the youth, like they accused Socrates of doing, but in actual fact all Socrates did was to try to get people to think, although getting people to think more about things isn't always as popular as you would think it would be, as it gets us to rethink convention, and there is always a strong resistance to that.

This is certainly true with diabetes, and indeed, I will be seeking to get people to rethink convention here, but that's the only way we can move forward, the only way we can improve the management of the disease really.

There are a lot of diabetics who are more than content just to follow the conventional advice given, but at the very least we should be willing to at least think about this a little, and that's all I'm really doing with this website, trying to get people to think about diabetes more, not telling you what to do like other websites do, but trying to give you more information and some additional insights about it that you don't get elsewhere, based upon a lot of research that people don't have the time or disposition to do, and then put you in a better position to decide for yourself.  That's what it's all about, or should be.

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3 Comments on “A Little About Myself, I Guess

  1. are you kidding that you are an intellectual genius? if not, what is your certification? i used to be smart and be able to predict what was going to happen in movies way before it happened based on clues others would miss and other smart stuff like that, but no more. now i have to find other reasons to think i am super. now i think i’m super because i have found ways to adapt to not being sharp anymore. and anyway you still have to enjoy life even if you aren’t as special as you thought you were.

    1. ps people say i have a nice eye color. they still say that even though i am getting old and saggy. so that’s a nice thing.

    2. Well I have had my IQ tested at 164 for what that’s worth. I am going to say though that the biggest thing is quality of thinking not quantity, and quality is something you don’t see that much, clarity we could call it. So the opposite of lack of quality is misinformed, but the opposite of quality is stupidity. So there’s a lot of that around and for whatever reason people don’t see things very clearly a lot of the time, and the way we approach diabetes is a good example, and we purposely dumb ourselves down in fact rather than just thinking about the stuff for ourselves. So this person says this and someone else says that and I think that a lot of people lack enough self confidence to question them enough. Everyone should see themselves as super, one’s self worth cannot ever be relative, it is and needs to be seen as an absolute. This gives me some more ideas about some topics I could add to this site, it’s all relevant, to one’s health for sure. Having a nice eye color is a plus, but what others think of your eye color doesn’t amount to much, so long as you enjoy it 🙂

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